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A time line of my life in education: Revised Edition

As my first semester at MACC draws to a close, I want to take this time to flash back to earlier years of my education. I want to take you(the reader) through my educational career from preschool up to my first semester at MACC. Remember my first essay, which focused on my education as well? This will be just like that, only more in-depth. I will focus this essay in five parts, each explaining one topic or idea of what I learned during that time period in my education.
We take a look in the book of education back at my preschool years. I was an excellent student in these days and I went through a period of creativity and meeting new friends along the way, some of whom still continue to be my friends today. Some skills learned during the time of preschool include fine and gross motor skills, such as matching shapes in a puzzle to developing my “word dictionary” if you will.
I did a great deal of learning during my time at preschool. I went to summer school after I got out of preschool during the summer of 2000. This is where I learned the true meaning of discipline which was a time-out chair. I cannot remember what I did to get such a punishment, but I know that I did not do it again. I had two teachers who I enjoyed well throughout summer school. I learned to bowl at the bowling alley which was still Community Lanes. I had summer school at South Park, making it the only time that I ever went there for some form of schooling. Lastly, I learned to cope with moving as i and my parents did it before I started kindergarten. I would have gone to South Park if we had not have moved. I believe that this was likely my hardest skill to learn as moving into a new house can be difficult.
This flashback continues after summer of 2000. So I know you are wondering, what was my education like as I got to North Park Elementary? Discipline was stricter and there were a few more teachers than in preschool. North Park starting out was not so bad; my biggest obstacle was being in a new building and meeting a new teacher. Picture that you are going into a place you have never been and you think “Wow, this place is huge!” You also feel a bit scared as you don't know what your first day will be like. For me, the days of kindergarten consisted of starting to learn how to write my name among other things. I always wrote my name very sloppily and almost illegibly. I also started to go to specials, such as art and music class and one thing I can remember is that I could never open my own glue bottle.
The most profound obstacle during my time here was discipline, which I learned the hard way as I got in trouble for not listening to a teacher so I had to change my “light” from green to yellow. I was scared to do it, but I soon realized that you don't ever defy a teacher. The discipline system continued throughout my remaining years at North Park and it would get even larger later on.
In second grade I was...

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