The Benefits Of Having Dorms On Mcc Campus

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1. Ever walk outside and there is ice all over your car and no way to make it to campus on time? Or do you ever feel unsafe where you live? Well if MCC builds a dorm on campus it could save money, be a safer environment and be a positive experience for students.
2. Most people of the opposition think that building a dorm would cost too much money. With all the building supplies, workers, etc. it is sure to cost a lot of money; money that the college could spend on better things such as more parking spaces. While it will cost an enormous amount of money in the beginning the revenue from having it there will be well to MCC’s advantage. MCC could then charge people for occupancy and after a year or so make the money back from their investment.
3. In building the dorm it would cause MCC to hire more help such as maintenance workers, groundskeepers, cleaners, etc. All that additional cost after the initial investment would make the profit minimal at best. I agree that hiring additional help would cause a dip in the profit margins but only during the first couple of years then you would begin to see a clear profit. Also in having to hire more people you are making the workers proud of MCC and they could influence their families to send people to MCC for their education increasing the profit even more.
4. It is said that people don’t enjoy living in a dorm life in college because of the lack of privacy, invasion of personal space, and having roommates. Most people don’t like to have to share a room with somebody or shower in a multiple person shower. People especially don’t like the feeling that they have no privacy and most dorms are just non-appealing. While it is true most people have negative opinions about dorms, if done right it could be a hit with students. Instead of it just being a lack of space and privacy create an area where there are four separate bedrooms with doors and a little communal living space. The fact that the rooms have door is more then enough to get people interested. Not only will having a door provide privacy it will take away the feeling of having no...

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