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Samantha RhatiganKaren CrispPsychological AssessmentApril 25, 2013Final AssessmentDemographic Information:Name: Danielle SwayreD.O.B: February 19th, 1993 Age: 20Gender: Female Marital Status: DatingPhone: (814) 207-6769 Ethnicity: CaucasianEmail: swaynedm19@mounties.mansfield.eduInterviewer: Samantha RhatiganBackground Information:Danielle is a 20 year old female that was born on February 19th, 1993. She has brown hair and hazel eyes and lives in Hollidaysburg, Pa. She has a mom, Jennifer and a dad, Mike. They have been married for 31 years. She is the youngest in her family. She has a brother Mike, he's 25. She also has a sister Alynda , she is 22. Her sister is her best friend, and she is now married with a child on the way. Her freshman year she went to Lycoming College her freshman year and then transferred to Mansfield. She has a boyfriend named Matthew Decker, she loves to fish and ride four wheelers with him. Over the summer she works at a golf course and babysits for four boys between the ages of 2-11. She loves her job. In the summer she likes to have bonfires and hangout with her friends , and go on road trips.Presenting Problem:This 20-year-old taken female was referred due to the fact of high levels of anxiety. The client took varies of test and they all prove that she has a high level of anxiety. After the test was taken she was a little shocked because she thought she was a lot happier then she scored. She presents herself as sad and depressed . She rarely smiles and when she does it is for a moment. We are trying to find out what her diagnosis could be and if she has anything else she is concerned about.Interview:She is dressed in casual attire in jeans and a sweatshirt. She had her hair in a bun with no makeup on. As the interview went on she was casually looking at the time as if she needed to go somewhere or something. She says she thinks she is usually happy all the time. She had to think a little about how she thinks she is happy all the time. She seemed pretty jittery and tapped her hands constantly. She said she is very laid back. Danielle made it seem like it take a lot to make her angry. Danielle described her family as chilled and relax they never run into conflict. But Danielle did say her dad worries too much. He is very protective of his little girl always keeping her safe. She brought a pepsi with her. She got very entertained with the pepsi bottle. Danielle said her sleeping patterns are weird. Sometimes she won't sleep ever then there will be times where she is tired all the time. She said the longer it takes for her to fall asleep the madder she gets. She said she takes ADHD medicine because it calms you down and gets her through the day. She says she is not satisfied with Mansfield and she wants to transfer to Bloomsburg. The subject says that her relationship with her new boyfriend is going really well and she is better off with him then the loser she used to date. But she did say they do fight a lot because they...

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