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How Sexuality And Faith Are Essential To A Person's Life

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In Erotic Journeys: Mexican Immigrants and their Sex Lives by Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez she expands on what the definition of the Mexican culture is. She compares the Mexican society to the society in LA. She discusses multiple things one of the things she discusses in her book is the meaning of virginity in the family and what sex represents. Gonzalez-Lopez interviews many individuals to talk about their culture and how they felt living in Mexico and how their points of views changed once they moved to LA. Religion and traditions are deeply integrated withing the Mexican culture. It’s drilled in the female’s mind to stay a virgin for her future husband and having sex with someone other than her future husband puts her family’s reputation on the line. In the Mexican culture, women are raised to be recessive to their husbands while the men are raised to be dominant in the household, sex, and work, which causes individuals that immigrate to LA to look at their culture differently; women are liberated and start being successful in their career, and not recessive to their husband; they don’t feel pressured into staying a virgin or worried of insulting their family’s reputation.
Gozalez-Lopez interviews people about their personal stories and how they dealth with situations similar to such. One of the people she interviews, Diego, talks about what he had to do to save his girlfriend from public shame because she had sex with him. “I married her because of honor. I had to come out and face the bull, to protect her image and her name” (Gonzalez-Lopez, 98). If a woman looses her virginity before marriage she can be seen as a whore, slut, or not properly raised. Many women are forced to marry men that they would never consider husband material resulting them being oppressed in their household. In contrast, when these females move to LA they are free to do what they wish without feeling like they are sexual objects. “In Mexico, I worked in a factory, but here I became an apartment manager. Before he used to do whatever he wanted to. If he wanted to have sex, I had to go right there a do it…I had no choice. But now that’s all over” (Gonzalez-Lopez, 18). This is a small example of how people that came from an oppressive culture get more opportunities once they move to a more liberal country. Many people in these cases are stuck in their culture. They are stuck in societies where their futures are decided for them and they need to behave in a specific way or their reputation is ruined.
Sex is a hidden topic in Mexico, because many families believe that if sex is talked about with their daughters it will make them want to rebel and try it. When families, like such, immigrate to the US they are introduced to AIDS, drugs, alcohol, and gangs. They are then faced with the choice whether to educate their daughters about sex and hope she makes the right choice or keep her ignorant and have her life in danger. In Mexico, sex is a family affair, but when they come to...

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