Not All Men Are Created Equal In America

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In America, are all men created equal? No, in America not all men are created equally. Some people are rich, and can live lavish lifestyles, while others are barley getting by. America is an extremely segregated nation with many social classes.
One of the well known classes in American is the ‘rich.’ The rich are people that can typically afford or buy the most, in order to outdo someone, and to be the best. This is where people are definitely not created equally, comes in to play. The American ‘upper class’ usually looks down upon any other class other than themselves, in the movie “People Like Us” Thomas Langhorne Phipps says; “We tend to dress better, act better, and look better.” (Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker, People Like Us,) To me this is demeaning, because I’m not rich, and I’m not poor, but it offends me because it seems like they’re looking down upon anyone and everyone other then themselves. In the movie it also talked about are different levels of the ‘rich’ way, and how they can tell who was born rich and who became rich. And even then they tend to look down on anyone who wasn’t born being in an ‘upper class’ environment.
Another well known class in America is the ‘middle class.’ The middle class makes up at least half of the population. The middle class are people who can afford most things, but still have a budget. In the movie it shows an upper class woman buying bread, and she makes notice that buying white bread is for the lower and middle class. That was surprising that your class can be determined by the type of food you purchase at the grocery store. The American Dream can also be referred to as the middle class. The American Dream is a lot similar to the American middle class because everyone wants to achieve the American Dream and everyone in America wants to belong to the middle class. In the movie they asked about ten couples what class they think they’re in and they all said upper middle class, or lower middle class....

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