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Final Exam Questions And Answers Essay

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The “Singing in the Rain” clip starts out at Cathy's apartment buildings doorway, which is four steps up from the sidewalk level. It is obvious that what we are seeing is an urban city based on the cabs and the layout of the buildings that are all adjacent with little to no space in between. Most doors are a step or two up from the street level there are store displays along his rout. Some doorsteps have planters to either side. Some buildings have gutters that go all the way to the street level while others end a little higher. There are many fire hydrants and streetlights along his path.

Genius Loci has two meanings; the first being the guardian of a place. The second being the ...view middle of the document...

Maslow wanted to understand what motivated people. He believed that individuals possess a set of motivation systems that have no connection to remunerations or subconscious desires. When one of the said needs is achieved a person pursues fulfillment for the subsequent one. Once all the basic level needs have been reasonably satisfied, one may be able to reach the highest level called self-actualization. The necessity to fulfill these needs becomes stronger the longer the interval they are negated. For example, the lengthier a person is denied food the hungrier they become. Maslow’s list is frequently portrayed as graded levels inside a pyramid, this pyramid serves as a progressional hierarchy. The concept in itself is attractive in the sense that it fulfills all requirements of beauty.
There are two main concepts of beauty. The first being beauty as mathematical perfection (symmetry, harmony, proportion) the second being beauty as emerging from function (functional beauty). Physical beauty, or beauty as symmetry can be seen as mathematical perfection. Pythagoras discovered that if the ratio of lengths of two similar strings is a simple arithmetical ratio one to two, two to three or three to four, the sounds they will produce when they are bowed or plucked would be harmonious. This concept has to do with the physics behind sound and wavelengths. Since musical harmonies are explainable through math and physics, beauty stops being subjective and becomes objective and independent of ones observance. Functional beauty means that the function of an object is integral to its aesthetic character. The aesthetic qualities of a functionally beautiful object emerge from its function or something closely related to it, such as purposes, use, or end. A functionally beautiful object is one that is well adapted to serve its purpose.
The human body is not only mathematically beautiful but it is also functionally beautiful. For times it is made for running, others wrestling and in the same way of
animals. Humans are functional therefore they are functionally beautiful. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is beautiful; both mathematically and functionally. It is made to explain human behavior and needs, and does so successfully making it functionally beautiful. On the other hand the visualization of the hierarchy of needs is a one to one square divided into fifths, with two right triangles that are removed at either side leaving us with a symmetrical pyramid. The ratios and breakdowns are mathematically beautiful. Hence Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for all intensive purposes is beautiful.

The Transect Theory illustration is a principal development tool that pilots position appointment and placement of structures and landscape. It is...

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