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Final Exam Take Home Essay

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The history of the United States of America has been extremely dynamic, consisting of many individual periods of time that all have affected the formation of this great nation. From the earliest settlers commencing setup of the first colonies to the controversies over the civil war, the United States has been subject to many trials and tribulations. During the course of our countries history I believe three eras stand out more than others the Constitutional/ Federalist period, Manifest Destiny and American Expansion, as well as the Civil War and Reconstruction era. These three periods of time each represent their own sections of the inception of the upcoming “world power” and without having gone through each conflict, the United States perhaps would not be where it is today. Each individual contention is accredited for its own progress to the history of the United States of America.
The Constitutional/Federalist period was important for the beginning of our country, without it we would not have had the rules and guidelines for success. The framing of the constitution may be called the most important topic of the time, however party politics have began to come into place as well. The Federalist led by Hamilton, Madisan, and Adams all supported a Constitution and believed in a strong central Government, and Anti-Federalist led by Patrick Henry and George Mason wanted a government with less power and a Bill of Rights at minimum. The two groups were in argument on exactly how much the government should be involved with its people. The Constitution promoters, the Federalist, had written the Federalist papers, which included 80 essays written by party members, to promote the thoughts of their groups ideas to the American People, proving success. Anti-Federalist supported the individual, having similar ideas, colonists did not want a strong central government due to the fear of returning to a European equivalent which prompted a system of checks and balances to make sure a single branch would not acquire too much power. The Constitutional Convention was held from May until September of 1787 in which 74 state delegates attended, however over 30 refused to sign the final Constitution claiming the Articles of Confederation needed revision. These were all key events which helped defined the Constitutional/Federalist era and all included determined the progression of the United States from this time, forward.
Second, the ideas of Manifest Destiny and American Expansion had been heavily influenced by the previous era, the Jacksonian Age, in which Internal Consolidation brought by Andrew Jackson had began the coast-to-coast presence of Americans. The idea of Manifest Destiny was the widely held belief that American settlers were destined to expand across the continent. Its success was guided by many other conditions including the War of 1812 and the Homestead Act of 1862 which allowed safe land movement into the west as well as somewhere for settlers to...

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