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Final Fantasy 13: Breakthrough Video Game

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Ever experienced a video game with stunning in-game graphics that some games give only in their major event cut scenes? Ever played a game with an excellent mixture of strategy and fast-paced motion? Well if that game is Final Fantasy 13, a single player game developed by Square Enix, you have played a game that Gaming Age calls “one of the most gorgeous games to grace a video game console”. Playing this game was one of the greatest moments of my life. This game has actually influenced me to go full force in wanting to make video games for a living. Final Fantasy 13, in my opinion, has accentuated the great gaming potential of the Xbox 360® and Playstation® 3 consoles.
The storyline of this epic tale stands out and blows the storylines of its Final Fantasy predecessors. The story starts out with a conflict between the two different co-existing species. Then, the story curves into the genocide conflict of one species, and ends with issues of religion and morality. I remember having to go to what the game calls the datalog to get familiar with how the story was progressing because there were so many twists and turns that made it so hard to catch on to like soap operas and the movie Vantage Point. The story’s dialect is for the most part modern with a handful of made up words. Despite its engaging story, I did notice that after playing the game for awhile it tends to repeat the same information. Getting to know the characters as was fun to experience: I was able to pick out the ones I liked and the ones I thought were a little obnoxious. This game took me on a character rollercoaster of their life before the major events took place and what their thinking was after the events.
As a hardcore Final Fantasy fan one of the things I loved the most was its graphics. With the help of Square Enix’s game engine, Crystal Tools, they were able to make stunning, in-depth movie-like environments that were like watching Avatar in 3D without the glasses. The special effects are like a whirlwind of fantasy and wonder that I could never dream of and within the first instant of it I’m completely absorbed in the game, once again another credit to the Crystal Tools game engine. Gaming Age™ declared that “this game’s in-game graphics look like other games’ cut scenes, it’s cut scenes look like other games’ full motion video, and it’s full motion video looks like a Hollywood Blockbuster”. And let’s not forget about the NPC’s and their Hollywood acting abilities that give to the already great attributes of the game: the emotion they put behind every action and every word, and the decorative garments they wear that give off clues of their personalities.
Then there’s the background music, something that’s nearly critical to the game’s...

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