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DawnFinal Informal Research Proposal IntroductionSection I Introduction:The purpose of this research proposal is to enlightened many questions and concerns that have come to light. Our ultimate goal is to save on cost of labor, training, lawsuits and reputation of the company. I have been in the HR business for 4 years and feel I am very qualified to deliver to you this information. I will provide you with a schedule of the proposed cost versus the money being wasted due to a high turnover of employee's. I will further provide you with a schedule of the time allotted to overcome this problem if it does exist. I intend on showing you the ends and outs of a true HR department and how to avoid any future mishaps within the department.Problem Statement:This research proposal will conduct numerous acts to determine whether or not disciplinary action from the HR department is being conducted in a fair or unfair manner. We have been bombarded with legal complaints, which are costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. We also have had a very high turnover of employees, which is also creating problems within the budget because we have to constantly train the new employees. We need to also see if there is indeed an obvious favoritism within the HR Department, and get a handle on the 15 out of court settlements. Each and every organization has a mission and ethics that are important to both them and their clients. The human resource department is a place where employees are hired and fired and if there are any concerns or questions, they can answer them. When there is a break down in this department, everyone is affected.Background:The human resource obligation is to the organization and the people within it. They are not entitled to have any personal; opinions or feelings that would affect their jobs. The department consists of several representatives called "HR Generalist", recruiters and the benefits/payroll who then report to the director of hr. The HR director is the last resort and usually reviews reports and approves amendments to any and all literature that will go out to the employees such as the Employee Handbook. The HR Generalist's are available to answer concerns with your current position, problems at home, supervisor issues, you name it and they have or they can point you in the right direction to find a solution.Section II Discussion:Methodology of the Research:The proposed team will make copies of the current employee files that have merits against them and of the employees that have already been terminated. We will also conduct phone interviews and live interviews with the employees as well as the supervisors to get some extra information that will not be found within their files. Examples of information we are trying to retrieve are as follows: Did you get any warnings such as verbal and written before termination? Was or is there any professional or personal conflict with your immediate supervisor? If so, how was it handled?...

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