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In chapter 35, Rebecca and Deborah travel to Clover. Deborah in the middle of an allergy attack insists on Rebecca taking pictures in front of places with a picture of Elsie. She even stops and takes a picture with Elsie where she assumes her mother's grave is saying it will be the only picture in the world of all three of us together. They visit Gladys and her son Gary, and Deborah explains that she know realizes that though her time with her mother was short, she had a mother. And know she knows so much about her and her sister. Deborah begins to explain all the things her mother has done for science but is only making her allergic reaction worse. She paces the room and can not sit still. ...view middle of the document...

She signs up for adult education classes so her dream of a radiation assistant could become a reality. She passed all of her exams and started classes. But she also needed to prepare for a speech at the National Center of Cancer Research. On-top of stress with speaking in front of a crowd, her brothers still insisted that she do not speak to reporters. Her son and nephew were both in jail awaiting trial. And to close it off nine-eleven happened which meant the conference was canceled. A few days later she had a stroke while in church. She recovered but saw it as a sign from God, lifting the burden from her life.It was after her attack that Deborah realizes that her dream of education is not possible due to lack of money. But she realizes that instead the focus has to be Lack's descendents need money for education since it's too late for her generation. Rebecca joins the family in celebration as the family baptizes Sonny's granddaughter JaBrea. Debroah's husband pulls Rebecca on stage and asks her to tell the congregation Henrietta's story, which she does. HE finishes the serum by saying that JaBrea along with all other descendents and others in the world will know about Henrietta's name and story. In chapter 38, Rebecca in 2009 returns to Clover only to realize that the town was gone. Only tiny specks of tile remained pressed into the grass. She frantically fills her pockets her the remains hoping to preserve what left of Henrietta's youth. Listing all those who her perished in the last couple of years, Deborah called telling her of the passing of family members but also that death was apart of this story. Lawrence had stopped thinking about suing Hopkins trying to live out life with Bobbette. Sonny had a quintuple bypass leaving him with 125,000 dollars in debt because he did not have health insurance. Zakariyya got kicked out of multiple living places. He did side work with Sonny from time to time. Deborah in 2004 had divorced Pullum living own her own. Her daughter Tonya had opened an assisted living community where Deborah lived and worked. Rebecca called her letting her know the book was finished and set up a day so Rebecca could read it to Deborah. But she never answered or returned Rebecca's calls. After dozens of calls, Rebecca called Sonny. Sonny informed Rebecca that sometime after Mother's Day she had a heart attack and passed. She was in a better place know with them he told her. He cut a piece of her hair and placed it in the Bible next to the few belongings that remained from Henrietta. Most of the kids were in school and doing well. One had even graduated an ivy league school the first ever in the Lacks family. After hearing the news,Rebecca recalls the last time she was with Deborah. They had just watched her two favorite movies Roots and Spirit and with both finished she put on unused BBC documentary footage. A younger Deborah explained that she couldn't wait to be with her mother again. Off screen she admits that heaven will...

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1563 words - 7 pages . Observation and additional notes were documented in the research journal. During week ten and elven comparing adjectives was taught. During this period students played the games “Battle of the Board, Jeopardy, 10, 000 pyramid and snake and ladder” to reinforce the concept. Students also recorded their final views and reactions to the games played in their journal. Information observed and students’ performance on culminating activities was recorded in

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