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Final Marketing Plan Essay

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Frank and Dan Carney were two teenagers going to college in 1958. They had an idea to open up a small pizza shop to make some money. The brothers borrowed $600 from their mother and purchased a corner space on a busy intersection. 50 years later the organization is still going strong with over 6200 restaurants in the United States and 4000 restaurants in 100 other countries. The brothers' $600 initial investment has turned into revenues topping more than $10 billion annually worldwide.Pizza Hut is currently a subsidiary of Yum Brands Incorporated, which owns such restaurants as Taco Bell, KFC, Long John Silvers, and A & W. Pizza Hut competes with such companies as Dominos Pizza, Papa John's Pizza and Little Caesars Pizza. In an article from the Associated Press by Bruce Schreiner, Carney is quoted as saying, "Good competition keeps everybody on their toes, them and us" (retrieved from,0,5502552.story).DVD and a PizzaPizza Hut will now incorporate DVD movie delivery as an optional service to customers ordering pizza. They will offer a wide array of movies that will cater to all ages from children's selections to horror/thriller movies. The major aspect of providing this service will involve a selection of a pizza package, which will include choices of DVD movies. The cost of the movie will be entertained as part of the pizza package. The quantity of movies would be determined as per the status of the customer and how many they currently have in hand. If the customer wants more than one movie, then an added fee would be charged in order to offset the costs at the time of delivery. The DVD's would be sent in an envelope similar to Netflix and Blockbuster's mail order system. The customer would have the option to turn the movie in at the Pizza Hut restaurant, give to the driver once another pizza purchase is delivered, or by simply mailing it back to the main distribution center.Pizza Hut MarketingPizza Hut uses the four P's of marketing (product, place, promotion and price) to its advantage by creating products that keep its customers satisfied and yet demanding for more. The marketing concept of product for Pizza Hut not only included pizza but also its original restaurant design, which made Pizza Hut unique 50 years ago. This design entailed the concept of having a family style restaurant and the take-out counter or the convenience of a fast food restaurant. Adding a DVD to be delivered with its products will be no different.As for the marketing concept of place (distribution); meaning getting the product to the customer, adding the DVD to its delivery service will make movie rental more convenient to its customer base. Pizza Hut believes this idea will serve the target market of those customers who want entertainment with their meals adding to at "home experience." Although this idea is not unique or new, in time Pizza Hut believes adding the DVD service will cause the customer to...

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