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My First Punk Concert Essay

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My First Punk Concert
I pull the soft cotton black t-shirt over my head, I grab my favorite pair of black jeans and throw on my old high tops. From the kitchen I hear my aunt yelling at me to “turn that noise off!”, I turn my music a little louder to drown out the nagging. I feel a little nervous not really knowing what to expect from tonight, it is my first punk rock show. My brother came over ,and I hear him knock on the front letting my grandpa and I know that it is time to leave. In the car we rock out to some old timey tunes from the 1980’s, because of course that is when the best music was born. I feel like I might have pee my pants, maybe I drank too much water or I’m nervous I might break my face in the mosh pit.
Once we get to the venue, it reeks of beer, cigarettes and marijuana. I try to act cool in front my grandpa and play down the amount of “party supplies” at the show. There are a lot of crazy looking kids hanging around outside with their leather jackets, mohawks and a blood thirsty look in their eyes. Although, the people are rather intimidating I appreciate the levels of self-confidence, and not one person cared what anybody thought about their appearance. We were all here to enjoy the music and have a good time. Once we actually get inside, the floor is sticky with heaven knows what and the air is humid with sweat. The opening act before the Dead Kennedys was The Anarchy Tacos. This was my first mosh pit and I was ready to get down to business. The circle began to form, the music became faster, the pushing began and I was ready to jump in. I found an open spot and I began to push my way through. Although, it seems so stupid and some may ask “Why on earth why anybody in their right mind would like to run in circles pushing and punching people while listening to the Devil’s music?”. There is a simple and clear answer, it is fun and cathartic. What is better than getting all negative energy out than strangers letting you punch them? And the people are actually very nice, if somebody falls there are five people right behind you to help you back up. A few more bands performed their music, and the time in between sets you can calmly talk to the other people at the show. The best thing about starting a conversation with a random person is you get to learn so much about their history and cool interesting things they have learned along the way. All of the “scary” punk kids I saw before the show, after talking to them I realized they are the coolest and most down to earth people I have ever met. By the time the headliner band The Dead Kennedy’s came on, there were four separate mosh pits and lots of crazies going around. By that time I cut my lip, gotten punched in the nose and I had that feeling I would be in a world of pain the next morning. But it was one of the best nights I have ever had, and it was more than seeing one of my favorite bands it was a true experience.
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