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Final One Essay

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Exploring the PMP Related Factors that Contribute Most to Project Success
Projects are often deemed unsuccessful because many project managers do not have the training or experience to properly manage a project (Kwak, & Anbari, 2009). As businesses realized this, they started to research the various reasons for project failures; however, in many cases the people managing the projects were eliminated from the research. In the 1990s, certain industries noticed that many project managers needed to be properly trained and since then it is obligatory that project managers seek professional training before being employed.
To develop project managers in managing projects, many technical (engineering) companies have developed practicable and ad-hoc instruction to mitigate project failures; however, business centric companies are having difficulties deploying similar types of instruction (Kwak, & Anbari, 2009). Other companies and certain branches of the government, now require project managers to become certified through the Project Management Institute (PMI) by obtaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential. The problem is there is a lack of project success; and PMPs are said to be better at achieving project success, yet there are no PMP related factors that can be linked to achieving project success (Starkweather, & Stevenson, 2010). The purpose of this paper is to explore a grounded-theory-analytical-approach to help provide answers to the central problem.
Literature Review
Projects are becoming more complex and shorter in durations, which is increasing the need for experienced project managers to manage them because often these projects are being deemed unsuccessful (Thomas, & Mengel, 2008). Understanding the contributing factors for achieving project success is a very important topic that has yet to be explored within the realm of business management or project management. This has a practical importance because companies can invest significant amounts of capital into training project managers and never realize any benefits.
What is known about Achieving Project Success?
The literature consistently identified four factors that many researchers believe contribute to project success. These four factors included (a) knowledge sharing (Lenfle, 2012; Manville, Greatbanks, Krishnasamy, & Parker, 2012), (b) stakeholder management (Heravitorbati, Coffey, & Trigunarsyah, 2011; Littau, Jujagiri, & Adlbrecht, 2010), (c) risk management and contingency theory (de Bakker, Boonstra, & Wortmann, 2010; Fischer, Leidel, Riemann, & Hans, 2010; Hanisch & Wald, 2012), and (d) leadership (Nixon, Harrington, & Parker, 2012; Patanakul, 2011). Each of these factors are addressed below.
Knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing appears multiple times in the extant literature as being a factor linked to achieving project success, it begins by collecting previous information on projects that were previously executed, and understanding what went right...

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