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The Main Role Of Electricity In Our World

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Electricity plays a main role in our world. It's important to know how electricity works and how electricity is created. Electricity could either be made by renewable and non-renewable source. Renewable can be created by itself and non-renewable can't recreate by itself. A non-renewable source requires fossil fuels while renewable does not. My renewable source is solar power and for non-renewable fossil fuel is coal.
Solar power is a renewable alternative energy. The sun helps the solar power to produce energy and converted to electricity. The sun provides the earth with two major forms of energy, heat and light. There are three ways types of solar power solar cells, solar water heating and solar furnaces, but the most common solar power is solar is solar cells. How solar cells works is when there is a sunny climate the sun reflects in to the solar power so that it can get electricity. Most solar power systems utilize heat energy for heating will the others transform light into electricity. Solar Power is not only for house use but also for cars. Now in days, vehicles run on with solar power. According to (, it says, “PV panels as a direct power source that convert light energy into electricity to power their motors. When sun is not available, cars will not run, so, is better to have a car powered by batteries that can recharged with solar energy” describes how solar power is the better way to save electricity and could easily recharged when sun is available at no cost. Solar power is the better way to save electricity without using house power or car battery.
Coal is a fossil fuel that can be use to create electricity. In order for coal to create electricity it requires mining, transport of power plants and burning coal in power plants. Coal is burned to produce steam through a turbine so that it could generate heat. Coal is the most abundant fossil fuels. It is also the most affordable source of energy. Coal can easily be restored at power stations unlike gaseous, liquid or intermittent renewable source can be stockpiled at the power station. Coal is not only use for electricity, but can also be use as alternative oil. The United Stated use coal to generate electricity.
Coal and solar power have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of coal is that is an affordable energy source, it's easy to burn, produces high energy of combination, abundant, and a reliable energy source. The disadvantage of coal is that when coal is burn, it produces a large amount of carbon dioxide and that cause global warming and climate to change. The advantage of solar power is that there is no need of a fuel, it only needs sun, the energy from the sun is...

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