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Kay Arthur: Co Founder Of Precept Ministries International

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My topic for this semester was Kay Arthur. Kay is the co-founder of Precept Ministries International, an inspiring speaker, and has written over a hundred books and Bible studies. At the age of 80, Kay is still teaching and speaking at women’s conferences across the world.
As I read Augustine’s “On Christian Doctrine”, I was reminded of a similar book written by Kay Arthur titled “Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days”. I feel Kay Arthur does an exceptional job of coaching through an inductive study of Scripture. She asks the right questions to help you realize the answers for yourself.
Kay Arthur is outstanding at directing your thinking to keep it methodical while allowing you to come to conclusions yourself. In some respects, the book can be considered as written in a question and answer format, but Kay offers necessary explanation and direction.
Kay teaches study methods throughout the book that reveal how to begin dissecting the Bible little by little. After finishing “Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days” by Kay Arthur, you will see how to observe a chapter of Scripture. You will know how to exhaust it. You will know where and how to start digging as you progress through a story.
Kay encourages the usage of colored pencils and symbols as you progress through studying the Bible. For example, you can find all the references to prayer in a chapter and color them green with a colored pencil. Kay encourages you to stay consistent with symbols and colors throughout your entire Bible. Sometimes after evaluating a chapter, you will look at your page and feel like you have a color or symbol over every word in the chapter.
Kay Arthur teaches how to recognize key words and phrases by creating lists, summarizing chapters, and using symbols above words while staying consistent with those symbols. She also teaches how to determine main characters and color code references to that character, identify cross references, make charts, find contrasts and comparisons, and challenge resources outside of Scripture. Kay certainly discerns Scripture by asking the right questions.
What Kay Arthur really hit hard in her book and the important ideas that I took away in my study are to mark the text and ask the right questions to be able to observe, interpret, and apply on my own by asking who, what, where, when, why, and how. "Observing the context is an absolutely critical step to accurately interpreting Scripture. Context is the critical setting that rules all interpretation” (Arthur, p. 19). This hands-on book really communicates how to inductively study Scripture and specifically mark the text to reveal its significance.
As I thought about relating Buber’s concept of God as the eternal Thou to my case study of Kay Arthur, I was reminded of a popular Bible study series of hers called “Having a Real Relationship with God.” This study is just one of her many outstanding studies that has transformed my way of thinking. Kay has taught me how to...

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