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AbstractThe focal point of this report is a closer look at the framing of a serious problem for the staff and employees of Perrigo, a pharmaceutical company, which is undergoing some drastic changes. These changes are due to the illegal manufacturing of methamphetamines and affect not only Perrigo but almost all of the industry as well. Methamphetamines are manufactured with the use of pseudoephedrine which is a major active ingredient found in several pharmaceutical products. This paper will present a clear and concise problem statement and three alternative solutions. We will analyze these solutions and choose one using the appropriate decision-making tools. A plan to implement the chosen solution will be presented which will include an evaluation of resources to be used.Implementation and Evaluation PlanIntroductionSales at Perrigo are and continue to be well below normal levels due to law enforcement limitations put in place to hamper methamphetamine abuse all around the area as well as the nation. The decline has been consistent and steady in all departments; sales have been reported as being thirty-three percent lower than previous years. The company acknowledges that some major changes have to be made if the company was to survive and turn the steady decline around.PurposeThe greatest threat to any pharmaceutical industry is opposition. Competition is always fierce for the high profit margins in this industry. With so many products yet to be formulated and so many ideas for new ones, it is good to keep an eye open and watching what the other companies are doing in the area to attract more business to their products. The purpose of this report is to analyze three possible solutions and recommend which solution would be suitable to solve Perrigo steady declining sale revenue.Alternative SolutionsSolution 1 Breaking into the Prescription MarketPerrigo has long been successful in the generic non-prescription drug industry. Nevertheless, as of late the company has been in the process of acquiring other ventures in the prescription drug market. The acquisition of the Agis pharmaceutical company, located in Israel, was a step toward that goal recently. Agis is a well established pharmaceutical manufacturer located in the industrial sector of Israel. Agis has fast service and has many different types of products that are found both in supermarkets and pharmacies throughout the land. According to first shift supervisor at Perrigo, David George, an acquisition of this magnitude takes time to sort out all the paperwork and accounting information. Thus, the profits from the transition are slow at first but would provide more income after all the "dust" settles. This much needed income will certainly increase sales, but no one yet knows the exact amounts, only estimates are available. The accountants are already working on tying up these loose ends to allow for better business ahead.Solution 2 The Alternative drug, PhenylephrineFor many years...

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