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I guess you quite remember the thoughts you strongly developed when you were in college? I still believe that smart brains of yours even though they are old. I hear you recently gave a public speech at the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Centre and Kobby Graham, your Social Theory Lecturer at Ashesi was your guest speaker. How is he then? Guess what? Kobby is a strong advocate of anarchism. He believes in a stateless society. I do not know what you`ve grown to believe but I’ve always known you to be a strong fan of Socialism when you were young. I remember you constantly told us we were living in a situation you termed slavery in freedom for you think capitalism was unfair to the middle class. I guess his talk hasn`t influence your thoughts on socialism. Never mind! I know you are not that pliant. Well, I would like to emphasize on the ideology I think can provide the needed equality you always wanted for I think I also relates to the principles of socialism social democracy for I believe in cooperation and relative equality unlike conservatives, social and common ownership unlike liberals (Heywood, 2012).
I hope you are aware socialism isn’t only an ideology? If you care to know, remember when you were in college, your mum constantly told you to move to your village for your own share of the village land. Aside, the government of Ghana implemented a policy four years ago called the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) which seeks to bring equity in the mode of payment of government workers. This is basically the idea of socialism especially the social democrats. Apart from being an ideology, it`s also seen as an economic system which seeks to allocate resources through a centralized system of government where most of the means of production are owned by the state (Heywood, 2012). You quite agree with me that if your village leaders were conservatives, you probably wouldn`t have access to the land because your lineage was never destined to have a land. If they were liberals, you would automatically be denied for you never had the merits to possess a land at college. If they were anarchist tell me, who would`ve own the land and who determines who should own the land and by what powers?
These are questions I often ask myself in the world of ideologies. I believe the ideology which appears getting closer to answering these questions is social democracy. You know socialism is mainly of two forms: fundamentalist socialism and the revisionist socialism. In contrast to the fundamentalist where there is only public property for all, social democracy or the revisionist socialism gives opportunity to hard working people to own and possess some property (Heywood, 2012). In your village for instance, you would not only have the right to have a land but you also can have a few more than one plot of land depending on your output level to society. In this sense, every individual would have access to a piece of land but as to whether...

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