Final Paper The Problem With The Education System Of The United States

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Throughout the semester we covered many different, important social issues except the problem of education in society. Education is a social issue that you do not always here about but is one of the most important. Getting a quality education in America for me and some others is a reality, but for most it is and will remain a dream. Having a quality education helps to broaden one’s outlook, enriches their experiences, and it allows them to see the world in a more accurate vision. Everyone on this earth is a learner; while some may have a much better potential for learning than others, everyone still holds potential. Learning is a long process spread over a long period of time and is often ...view middle of the document...

Many may not realize it, but their child could be receiving an unequal education without even realizing it. The education inequality in this country is mostly determined by economic and consequently racial factors. The education structure of the United States tends to those of higher economic status, power, and prestige. These factors determine if one’s child is placed in a great school district or not. There is a domino effect happening because of the structure we follow. If one’s family is from a lower socioeconomic status they will be in a school district where there are poor learning facilities, limited opportunities to succeed, and poor materials. In most cases, the minority groups such as African Americans and Hispanics tend to live in these lower income areas of a state, and even though education is free in public schools it is usually of lower quality in these parts of a state or county because money is focused on other aspects of the community. Since these minority groups may receive a poorer education and support, or possibly greater pressure to do well, the dropout rates are higher in these school districts. The quality of education received should be equal standard throughout schools so that all students across the country can have the same potential to succeed as others. Students who attend private, charter, and even some public schools are on average at a better advantage then others, but when race is added to the equation it puts Caucasians at a much higher rate of success than their Hispanic and African American counterparts. Many parents and guardians today go to extremes while trying to get their child a great education. Many parents will use the address of a friend or family member in order to allow their child access to a better learning environment. This very thing happened to me from the time I was enrolled in school. With my parents living in Gaithersburg they wanted me to attend a better school so I was sent to live with my grandparents in Poolesville MD, which has some of the best schools in the state. Personally, this decision was a great Idea, I believe I am a better, more successful student than I could have potentially been while attending K-12 in Gaithersburg’s schools. In explanation, this decision by many parents is throwing the education system off kilter and well known schools in areas are becoming overwhelmed with the influx of new students from different backgrounds and ethnicities.
The diversity of this country has been steadily growing since the early 2000’s. With the diversity growing it is presenting more problems for our already troubled education system. Overall diversity in a school system and numerous higher education institutions is a good thing, but sometimes it’s the accommodations that have to be made that make it a hassle. With students from over hundreds of different countries attending schools throughout the system that makes teaching and learning difficult. Many different solutions have been...

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