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Final Persuasive Appeal Essay

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The question on whether college athletes should be paid or not has continues to be debated controversially on TV shows, Newspapers, websites, and in college classes. Whereas, most colleges are continuously making up big amount of their revenues based on their athletic students’ effort. Some people would agree that college athletes should earn an income for their labor. However, others argue that not having to pay tuition for college is a tremendous benefit for athletes. But both sides agree that the college athletic programs have never been more important than today to Universities.
Since many athletes have their housing and school tuitions paid for, many people say that they do not have the right to be paid like professionals. It is good enough that they obtain free schooling and college degree, while others suffer to pay their college fees. In fact %60 of college students graduate with student debt. Graduating college debt free is a huge advantage for those who play in a college team as athletes. Not having to deal with all that burden is in fact by itself a payment.
The argument goes on that college athletes are compensated with free education and living expenses and that is another form of payment. Many graduate athletes find their jobs easier and faster than ordinary graduates because they may be remembered for their touchdown throws or for the touchdowns they made. So unlike their fellow normal students, the student athletes are more certain about their future due to the publicity they gain through their college experience. Apart from that, student athletes receive free athletic training, and experience from professional coaches and that might help them in becoming professional players.
On the other hand, there are those who think that student athletes are not paid enough in return to what they make. They argue that college sportsmen and sportswomen are actually doing a full time job besides their school work. It is estimated that they work 44 hours a week in addition to their class and homework time. Therefore, they should be considered like professionals.
It is believed that student athletes who gain publicity that might help them on the future should not be paid, but that is exactly why they should be reimbursed. Imagine that good bankers, salesmen, or teachers do not get paid because they are good with customers or...

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