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Final Phase Marketing Paper

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The California Wrap - IntroductionWith competition so tight among fast food restaurants, each company is always developing and testing new products to determine how well they appeal to the consumer. To get the most accurate results, the company marketing the new item must carefully follow the marketing plan to determine how well it will be received by the customers. This takes careful strategy and a great deal of marketing research to test the new product, and the results will help the company determine if they should place the new product in all their locations. Keeping this in mind, Jack In The Box is moving into the first phase of the development of their newest menu item.OverviewJack In The Box opened their first location in the San Diego area in 1951. Since then they have expanded into 18 states and have over 2,100 locations with their corporate offices in San Diego. In the competitive fast food market they were the first chain to add breakfast sandwiches and portable salads to their menu. They were also the first of the hamburger chains to incorporate the drive through concept into their restaurants (Jack In The Box, 2009). Jack In The Box's philosophy is that "we don't make it 'til you order it." With such a wide variety of menu items to choose from including their breakfast menu, burgers, chicken, fish, snacks, teriyaki bowls, and shakes, they realize that many customers will special order their items to meet their specific tastes. For that reason they have incorporated a special section on the company's main website that allows the customer to figure out the nutritional value of not only the items on the menu and way they regularly come, but also the way that particular customer would like to create their selection. The customer will simply plug in their selection and what they would or would not like on it into the "Build Your Meal" calculator and the nutritional information will be shown (Jack In The Box, 2009).Product DescriptionWith so much of the population watching what they are eating and wanting the opportunity to customize what they eat, Jack In The Box's newest item will be targeted toward those looking for a healthy menu option in a marketplace that doesn't always serve healthy menu items. The newest item will be The California Wrap, consisting of turkey, bacon, avocado, sprouts, tomato, lettuce and a zingy herb mayo in a sun-dried tomato tortilla. If customers choose to order the combo, they will have their choice of sides along with a medium drink. Choice of sides will include yogurt, an apple, a small side salad, or fries.When it comes to developing new products, many things can affect the success of the product. Companies have to find out what the consumer likes and is willing to try. With Jack In The Box introducing the new wrap, the company would first have to study the types of food they are currently selling and which are the most popular. Research will help the company decide the certain types of food to serve and how...

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