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Final Project: Interview Profile Of Pat Stiles

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Alfred Del ValleFinal Project: Interview Profile of Pat StilesAxia College of University of PhoenixPatrick Stiles was worn in Chicago, IL in 1961. His parents moved out the city since he was 12 years old and live in Montgomery, IL. We meet seven years ago when I was remodeling an apartment, and he was driving one of the concrete trucks. We started talking about different subjects and a saw the both have things in common. For a few weeks right after work we were stopping at the same bar and drank a few beers. We both were divorce and started a new relationship with somebody else. Even though it is 16 years of difference between both of us, there are several similar situations that we have gone through. We became very good friends with the time.We both started college studies right after high school graduation and quit after a year of being college. Him as same as I, stopped college just because we want to "live life." We both found several difficulties after our decision of quitting college, because we both want to have a wonderful life but we did not have any education or experiences to back us up. Patrick and I received the custody of our respective children almost at the same time. Our jobs of remodeling was getting slow, and we decide that was time to do something different. I found a job with Toyota Motor Sales and three years later for my surprise, Patrick started working at Toyota Motor Sales too.We both have our own business. Patrick owns a landscaping, lawn mowing and snow removal company, and I have rented properties. Both of us remember important days like the day we got married. When I asked Patrick if he remember the date him and Stacy (Patrick's wife) got married, he replied, "Saturday, April 20, 2002 at 6:00 pm." on a matter of 12 seconds. There were a couple of questions that I asked Patrick to prove if he has good memory. Those questions were if he could remember where he took his wife to eat for the first time, and what they both ate? And where he first met his wife? Patrick answers where, "I took her to The Casino boat in Elgin, IL and she ate shrimp scampi and I ate prime rib." "The story how we met it is funny. I went to the Third Social club because a friend had party there and I had a date with another woman and she never shows up. Stacy went with a date too, but the guy left with somebody else and left Stacy alone. I invite her for a drink and since that day we have been friends." He answered all that and a few more details in a matter of 45 seconds.I asked Patrick Stiles several questions to see his preferences, behaviors and personality. When asked how do he felt a friend or relative who knows him would describe him? Patrick sat for a moment in deep thought. His response was clearly thought out. Patrick describes himself as "somewhat on the outgoing side, good sense of humor, good cook, caring, smart, and active with family and friends." Patrick is smart, intuitive and very...

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