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INTRODUCTIONJOB SATISFACTION:Job satisfaction is one of the important factors which have drawn attention of managers in the organization as well as academicians. Various studies have been conducted to find out the factors which determine job satisfaction and the way it influences productivity in the organization. Though there is no conclusive evidence that job satisfaction affects productivity directly because productivity depends on so many variables, it is still a prime concern for managers.Job satisfaction is the mental feeling of favorableness which an individual has about his job. DuBrins has defined job satisfaction in terms of pleasure and contentment when he says that:"Job satisfaction is the amount of pleasure or contentment associated with a job. If you like your job intensely, you will experience high job satisfaction. If dislike your job intensely, you will experience job dissatisfaction."DETERMINANTS OF JOB SATISFACTIONWhile analyzing the various determinants of job satisfaction, we have to keep in mind that: all individuals do not derive the same degree of satisfaction though they perform the same job in the same job environment and at the same time. Therefore, it appears that besides the nature of job and job environment, there are individual variables which affect job satisfaction thus all those factors which provide a fit among individual variables, nature of job, and the situational variables determine the degree of job satisfaction. Let us see what these factors are.INDIVIDUAL FACTORSIndividuals have certain expectations from their jobs. If there expectations are met from the jobs, they feel satisfied. These expectations are based on an individual's level of education, age, and other factors.1. Level of Education: Level of education of an individual is a factor which determines the degree of job satisfaction. For example several studies have found negative correlation between the level of education, particularly higher level of education, and job satisfaction. The possible reason for this phenomenon may be that highly educated persons have very high expectations from their jobs which remain unsatisfied. In their case, Peter's principle which suggests that every individual tries to reach his level of incompetence, applies more quickly.2. Age: individuals experience different degree of job satisfaction at different stages of their life. Job satisfaction is high at the initial stage, gets gradually reduced, starts rising up to certain stage, and finally dips to a low degree. The possible reasons for this phenomenon are like this. When an individual joins an organization. He may have some unrealistic assumptions about what they are going to derive from their work. These assumptions make them more satisfied. However, when these assumptions fall short of reality, job satisfaction goes down. It starts rising again as the people start to assess the jobs in right perspective and correct their assumptions. At the last, particularly at...

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