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Final Refection Essay

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Final Reflection

Servant Leadership means to serve others and to lead. It puts everyone else first teaching to put others before yourself, with this leading qualities emerge. Just being or having leadership qualities doesn’t always work. Most leadership models show possessive towards the better for themselves, some work out while others don’t, mostly I think because the unwillingness to see others before yourself is a hard concept for some to understand and use. You can be a great leader but if you don’t understand servant qualities or serve for the benefit of others your probley not much liked. Most I don’t think know what Servant Leadership is or means, I didn’t until this course opened ...view middle of the document...

I’m learning my own triggers the affects and identifying them so I am able to control why I get angry and using this chill drill now in my life. Another one is Name That Feeling, I’m actively practicing being able to express my feelings, identifying and not just saying in assumption of someone else’s how I feel. Sounds strange, but I never realized that this does affect you, if you’re not happy why say you are only because of influence of another or others? I’m figuring this out, I will be working on this for a while I’m expecting. Make a Request another from this book, I was able to identify instantly with a sentence from this area it says, “Some people are cautious about expressing their needs,” that’s me. I always go without having needs, mostly because I don’t speak up when asked. Still don’t do this, I am trying to realize its ok to want things and ask for things. I agreed with also the Peace Rules and the set of things to remember and exercise, Remain Calm, Unto others as Yourself, Listen to Understand, Expect Success, Seek outside Support (SOS), great focus points to use and learn. These assessments about myself gave me insight on the areas I need to think about more of and often and where interesting to learn about and realize are in areas of my life. I am ready to now keep insight areas more with understanding and knowing I can change.
I was surprised...

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