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Final Reflection: My New Place In Photography

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Prior to this course, I knew photography was a part of my every day life. After experiencing this course, I know I knew little about photography. Photography is definitely part of my life, but as I reflect on my sixteen-week progression, I realize that everyone can take a picture but “taking a photograph” as an art. My initial thoughts were that with smart phones we are all “photographers” sharing and it has become part of our visual culture, but not all photos deserve appreciation. Although I believed I had an eye for interesting things and liked to shoot pictures from angles or interesting features, I realized that knowing more about the functions and diversity a quality camera could ...view middle of the document...

This has become a more regular part of my photography process. Although adjusting shutter speed, ISO and f-stop settings remains a challenge, I find that my photos have tremendously more interest than those I shot with my point and shoot camera auto setting. Portrait photography is much more complicated than simply shooting a subject. Lighting is such a critical factor in all types, but especially in portraitures. Knowing the reflection of light and how you can use the contrast to make a shot interesting is another factor that has become part of my skill set. I still believe that shooting and interesting picture is part creative eye and a little bit of luck. Two particular assignments taught me a tremendous lesson. The lighting assignment, natural and limited, taught me that a good photographer must not only have a creative eye, but they must be patient. The perfect shot takes a lot of waiting for something interesting to happen and having the right light to capture the moment. The bee buzzing around a flowering bush was tedious. It took over 100 shots to get one that expressed the beauty of nature in natural light. Shooting at dusk had a lot of options, but when I saw the two ducks, I found my subject. I shot them swimming along the pond, flying off when I startled them, and walking around. I finally found the interesting shot as they waddled away. The lighting, the image, the exposure and focus all worked in that shot. However, composition is probably the most critical component needed to create a great photo. Putting various elements together to create a whole is the basis of good photographic composition. For this reason, I believe being a quality photographer means having patience and resilience to take all the elements to culminate into a great image.
Another part of photography that I had no experience in was Photoshop. The course reading focused a lot on how to improve your shots through Photoshop. It is truly an “art.” The ability to clean up an image and creating stronger hues or even “painting color” onto a black and white photo are all things I would have never attempted. There is a tremendous learning curve to become a good Photoshop editor and this I will leave to professionals. I realize that my interest in photography will be mostly from a perspective of selecting the best shot for print. Having gone through a photography course that has armed me with strong knowledge will allow me to understand both the client’s perspective while also appreciating the photographer’s skill to provide the best image to promote a person, an event, or a brand.
One regret I have after taking this course, is that action shots were not an assignment. I have a passion for swimming and action sports photography is an area that I would have liked to enhance. I am the subject of many action shots but I am not skilled at this art. I took the opportunity at the Western Athletic Conference Championships to attempt to shoot my...

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