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Final Reflective Paper

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The chapter in Monoculture by F. S. Michaels, Your Work, makes many fair points about society today and how times have changed. It encourages people today that it is important to find a career that they like and would like to work in. People today no longer are taking over their families long line positions like a specific job in a manufacturing business. People today have the ability to go to college and find the career that they like and would enjoy working in instead of taking over a family position. In the chapter it also says people shouldn’t be worried about changing their jobs a few times to gain more experience in the world with different careers. This can make it easier for the ...view middle of the document...

This tells companies that, legally, they must pay their employees a certain amount of money per hour because people need to make so much money to live in society today. This shows that every citizen is worth a minimum amount in a society because when they work, they make at least this minimum wage. This has created many problems for a multiple of reasons although monoculture says that it is actually recycling money within the community because people making minimum wage can save money to then buy products that will help boost the economy. This idea makes a valid point, but it isn’t necessarily working.
Companies need employees for their businesses to run and become successful, which can be the down fall to monoculture’s view on minimum wage. When a company has to pay certain people so much money, it makes them look for different options for labor. Labor in other countries can be much cheaper in foreign countries that don’t have a minimum wage, which would cost the company less money. This can push companies to find cheaper labor in foreign countries and take possible jobs from Americans. This minimum wage can be expensive for companies that require many employees and pushes them to hire foreign labors in other countries to do the same job, take money from the U.S. economy. This can be bad for a country when they are trying to do the best for their citizens, by making everyone worth a minimum amount for their work.
Philosophically, minimum wage sets a minimum price for U.S. citizen’s work and set as a common starting wage for many of the new and up and coming workers. This can be unfair to companies because they need to first figure out what a paying customer will pay for the product, after they have their employees make the products. Socrates would question this logic because you can’t pay someone a certain price for something that you don’t know if you can get enough for to cover the cost of labor and manufacturing expenses. This can set a company up for disaster before they even get started because they need to make some much money to cover these costs. Citizens have the right to work where ever they would like doing what they want. This would allow them to look for the highest paying job that they would want to do for a certain amount of money. Socrates would also question the new proposal for a higher minimum wage because...

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