Final Sla: A Cumulative Response To My First Quarter

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Admittedly I viewed Educational Foundations as a painfully obvious reintroduction to academia that I was reluctant to swallow my pride for. This seemingly meandering three hour, weekly regurgitation of other people’s opinions, quickly morphed into my catalyst for evolutionary thought and ultimate saving grace in the 10-week whirlwind known as my first quarter at Antioch. During my two-year post-AA hiatus, I feel as though I abandoned myself out of necessity to assimilate into numbing social conformity expected of me as I attempted to skip school for a lucrative career. The inclusive and diverse nature of Educational Foundations is an exemplary representation and introduction to all things Antioch. The course encouraged me to connect with my peers and use our meeting of minds to awaken that dormant part of my psyche, needed to find my voice again.
Educational Foundations true to it’s intended learning objectives reintroduced me to my ecosphere by demanding critical analysis of discourse within various social structures illustrated in our weekly readings and discussions. Understanding public discourse in this way challenged my notions of reality, often humbling me into deep self-reflection and subsequent personal growth. I would also like to exclaim that Educational Foundations introduced me to an education I thought only existed in ivy league universities, one that refuses to compromise student learning and goes above and beyond to ensure overall success of their students. I feel elated that after struggling with severe ADHD that was overlooked for most of my life, because of biased misconceptions regarding privilege, I was able to navigate my path to Antioch, which in this short time has provided me with every opportunity to facilitate my success via ‘Ed. Found’. An example of this for me is the Bridge Program in Boyle Heights, which caught my attention as a great internship opportunity particularly because it aligns with my educational and vocational goals while also giving me the honor to represent all that Antioch stands for, equality. This pattern of matching student interest with academic/vocational application in various forms of participation is innate to Antioch and would be overlooked without deliberate expression of which in ‘Ed. Found.’
In addition to fulfilling the learning objectives that required my proficiency in online and campus services, the growth I attained through our readings and discussions became (although trite) my new educational foundations from which I deconstructed and/or reconstructed a reality aspiring to be bias-free. Starting from Adrienne Rich’s “Claiming an Education” where I became enraged by female oppression and exposed devolusive reality that despite this speech being near 40 years old, it still upholds presently. My dispassion for endemic public discourse continued immensely when reading Jean Anyon’s “ Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum Work” and Jonothan Kozol’s “Other People’s Children” that...

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