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Dana SackmanWeek 5 - Final Strategic PlanBUS 475 - Integrated Business TopicsApril 19, 2010University of Phoenix - Scott FabyanicFinal Strategic PlanBe Safe, Catch a Ride Service, Inc.The mission and vision of a company defines what the company is all about to their consumers. The mission statement provides the actual purpose of the company. The vision statement defines the motivation of the company and provides the strategic plans to meet the company's mission. The purpose of this paper is to provide the importance of the mission and vision statements for Be Safe, Catch a Ride Service, Inc. and how they affect the strategic planning of the company.Company InformationBe Safe, Catch a Ride Service is a car service available to individuals and companies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company was created to help those that need a comfortable car ride after a long evening and a few drinks, or just a car ride to the airport for work traveling. We offer cars that are comfortable for everyone, TV's in all the vans, and full-size cars for the individual passenger that still wants to enjoy their space.Mission StatementThe purpose of Be Safe, Catch a Ride Service, Inc. is to provide customers with a solution to their transportation needs, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, faster and better than anyone else, while still rewarding the stakeholders: consumers, customers, colleagues and shareholders.Vision StatementOur vision is to provide our customers with a service that surpasses everyone else. In order to do so, our company offers over 300 full-sized cars with satellite tracking which provides safety and security for all passengers. Everything is computer dispatched which means faster, more reliable service. We will continue to grow and offer the best services to individuals or companies by being innovated and always keeping our customers first.ValuesAll about Teams: Colleagues communicate well with each other, problem solve together to find the best possible routes for the passengers and respect each other.Ethical: Our culture is open, honest and respects the laws and regulations of the societies we operate within.Giving Back: We believe in giving back to our communities. Older vehicles are donated through the auto donation program and donations are made to local charities.Passionate: We love what we do and have fun doing it.Strategic DirectionOne advantage of having vision, mission and values statements is that it creates the notion of opportunity, direction and value for customers, prospects, key stakeholders and employees. Be Safe, Catch a Ride Service, Inc.'s mission and values statements guide the company's strategic direction by providing a course of action the company can take towards the achievement of all goals of the company's strategy while reflecting the beliefs and principles the company wants to uphold, which will help drive the vision forward. The written statements provide an essential...

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BUS 475 Final Strategic Plan Essay

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Final Strategic Plan Essay

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