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Final Take Home Essay

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Ethical behavior cannot be successfully shaped and maintained in isolation. Therefore, the internal controls characterized by individual attributes must be usually consistent with organizational structure, organizational culture and societal expectations. These four components are key elements for designing an environment supportive of theses ethical conducts (Cooper, 2012 pg. 164).
The individual attributes are the internal controls which include skills such as making ethical decisions, virtues, understanding the character traits or inner moral qualities and professional value. Interest in virtue as a vital individual component in administrative ethics has expanded and strengthened in recent years. Stephen Bailey recognized three essential mental attitudes and three moral qualities that are desirable for all public servants at all levels or the government. The first mental attitude is an acknowledgment of the moral ambiguity of all the people and all of the public policies. The second is an acknowledgement of the related forces that conditions moral priorities in the public service. The last mental attitude is an acknowledgement of the paradox and procedures. The three moral qualities consist of optimism, courage and, fairness tampered with charity (Cooper, 2012 pg. 168).
Organizational structure is another significant set of factors in upholding ethical behavior in public organization is associated with the structure of organizations (Cooper, 2012 pg. 172).
In the field of public administration, they are very mindful of, even preoccupied with, the power of organization. It is essential that it is definitively liked with the understanding management of administrative ethics. The organizational structure is a vital part because of the work environment within the individual purposes, and its significant influence on their ethical conduct. The problem with only concentrating on the characteristics of the individual administrator is that they may hire righteous people and do an effective job training them to understand what is required by professional ethics and to reason their way to a defensible decision, but they may work with in a organization structure that...

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