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Final Term Paper

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In life, it is common that people usually tend to want thing more when they cannot have them. Just like the scarcity principle, which implies that people give more value to opportunities that are less available. Hard-to-get things are usually perceived much better than easy-to-get things.
There are some ways that scarcity works as being limited in number, access, time, or information. It also works through the psychological reactance theory. Scarcity is one of Robert Cialdini's greatest shortcuts that he used in his book called Influence: Science and Practice, although it has defense tactics that can be used in order to defend us through manipulated means. Scarcity works as we give more value to opportunities that are less availabe as it is adaptive because usually if something is limited then it is better.
First of all, I would like to explain how scarcity is limited with number, time, access, and information. People tend to like products that are limited as this tactic adds more value to a product by reducing the availability of it. For instance, we might buy something immediately if we're told that it's the last one available, or that a special offer will expire soon. I remember that this happened to me before when I was shopping at Carolina Herrera's store and I was thinking of buying a bag, but I wasn't sure yet. So, I was told by the salesperson that this bag is the only one available in the country and that others are already sold out. This made me take my final decision immediately that I will buy the bag as it is limited and if I don't buy it I would miss that chance. Unfortunately, I went to the same store after a few weeks and I found the same bag with the same color available. The reason why I bought this bag is that it was limited in access as the salesperson had informed me and it was limited in time because if I had left the bag I would have the chance of getting it as someone else could have bought it. In addition, it is limited in numbers because it was the only one left is the store. Lastly, the information that I told about the bag was actually false so that I made me take my final decision in a rush. These tactics are commonly used by salesmen in order to sell more products because customers usually get pressured by knowing that the product that they like is limited in number, time, access, or information.
As mentioned by Cialdini in his book in chapter 7 “Scarcity”, people usually tend to hate loss more much more than they like gain. As people seem to be more motivated when they think about losing more than when they think about gaining, even though it can be something with the same value. For example, when I recieved a “C” in my last midterm in my Jrmc 310 course i was much more upset and concerned than when I recieved an “A” in my Sociology 210 midterm. According to my personal experience in school, I usually hate getting bad grades or failing a course much more than getting good grades or passing a course with an “A”....

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