Finally A Family Essay

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Toph was sitting in her New York City apartment playing with her daughter, Lin. She felt as Lin stood on her chubby feet and walked to her mother. Toph snatched her up and tossed her the air, lightly so she wouldn't lose hold of her. Lin laughed excitedly, asking in her own language to be thrown higher, but she couldn't form the words in her estatic state.
Suddenly, she heard someone coming to the door, and she put Lin on the ground with her toys. Lin immediatly started playing, still laughing. Toph walked to the door, and had just reached it when the stranger knocked.
Sokka Tanver waited at the door of the one and only Toph Korran. It had been two and a half years since he had seen her ...view middle of the document...

"Why are you here? We haven't talked in years," She said, but she remember exactly how many days, because just the night before they departed from New York, back to California, was the happiest night of her life. For because of that last night with Sokka, she had gotten Lin.
Sokka didn't know what to tell her. Why was he here? Why had he finally decided to come? Did he have a real reason?
"I-i guess I just missed you." Sokka said, with a small blush on his cheeks, "I really should have keep in touch with you. I-i was stupid, Toph."
She chuckled, "Yes. You were," her eyes raised, almost to Sokka's, but not quite, and she whispered, "And I missed you, too."
She reached up to his face, and Sokka wrapped his hands around her waist. They both moved in, and their lips were just about to touch, when Lin tripped over a toy and started whimpering. Toph broke away and went to Lin and picked her up. Calming her down and kissing her leg were she fell. Sokka walked up to Toph.
"Sokka, meet Lin. My daughter," Toph said quietly. He said hello to Lin and she started giggling and put her head in the crook of Toph's arm.
"She's beautiful, Toph," Sokka said, and Toph beamed, so proud of her daughter. "Who's the father?" Toph's smile fell, and she turned away from him. Should I tell him? She asked herself. Would he be upset? Would he believe me? Would he leave? Concerns swirled in her head and she really didn't know what to tell Sokka.
"He's... not around," Toph said quietly.
"Oh, Toph..." Sokka said. He hugged her tightly with Lin in between them....

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