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Financial Aid Applications Essay

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You will have to apply for student financial aid every year. This is required so that changes to income and status can be calculated. You may qualify for more assistance than the year before and not even know it. You may qualify for less. There may be new scholarships and grants available which were not there in previous years. Either way, if you do not submit a new application each year, your funding will end.

The Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the form used to apply for the Pell grant and other forms of financial aid like the Stafford Loan and Perkins Loan. This form must be filled out each year. Filling it out incorrectly or omitting information will get the ...view middle of the document...

You will need to make sure every line is filled in. Do not leave any of them blank. There are certain things which can foul up an application. Make sure your name is in the proper order. Do not make a mistake with your social security number. If you do not have a driver's license, a state ID will do for questions 11 and 12. These are the only two lines you can leave blank, if you have to.

You need to make sure the e-mail address you use is one you have access to at all times. This is how Department of Education will contact you with your FAFSA results. Another important note is question 22. If you are required to be registered with the Selective Service and you are not, then you will not qualify for any financial aid.

When filling out the FAFSA form you will need to understand who is a parent and who is not. It is obvious who your parents are if you are living with them. This would include step-parents. It does not include grandparents or foster parents.

There may be some instances where the application may have to be reviewed. There may be extenuating circumstances which apply in your case. If this is the case then it would be best to have a financial advisor help with filling out the FAFSA forms.

One of the most important things to remember is to sign and date the forms. This is an easy step but one that is sometimes overlooked. Never forget to sign and date the forms.

You can file the FAFSA form as early as January 1st but not before. If you do file before January 1st the application will automatically be rejected. You will have certain deadlines to file the forms by. Some people think that they can file electronically on the last day. You do have until midnight of the last day. It is important to remember any transmitted data that is not COMPLETE by midnight will have the application rejected. The problem arises with any rejected applications submitted on the last day. If there are problems with the application and a revision is necessary, you can not submit the revised or corrected form. The deadline is over.

One of the reasons for applying early is because there may be funding which comes in for the current school year. This income must be reported on the new application. If you file on or close to January 1st, you will not have received this income and it will not count as cash on hand.

You will need to speak with the colleges you are thinking about attending to determine when their application deadlines are. Some state and college funding may have a different deadline than the federal one. You will not want to miss any financial aid application deadlines. This will ensure getting all the funding you can for your college education....

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