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Financial Analysis On Ibm Corporation

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Part I: The Purpose of the Report and the Research Experience
This purpose of this paper was to evaluate the financial statements of IBM Corporation during the past five years to assess the future profitability of the company. Unfortunately, this report only reflects up to four years, as appose to a five year analysis. I used Plaza College Library along with Queens Library to do my research. This helps me with the data base I needed to access and wasn’t able to at home. My professor helped me with my research; he helped me understand the things I didn’t understand. He also guided me to web pages that help me with my research. I used many search engines such as IBM company web page, Google, ...view middle of the document...

From these humble beginning sprang the company that Thomas Watson Sr. would mold into a global force in technology, management and culture” (Bellis). Flint attempted to build a number of trusts by merging several small companies to create one dominant player. Years later Flint bought some of the companies out and beginning merging other companies such as Herman Hollerith's company Tabulating Machine Co. which was in Washington DC and was the creature of punch holes card which they sold to businesses and government (Bellis). In 1911, Flint bought out Hollerith. After that, he merged all the companies that was bought and came up with the name Computing Tabulating Recording Company (CTR). By 1911 CTR had an $800,000 net income (Bellis). Then the name was changed to IBM in 1924. An interesting fact about IBM is the company has been around for a 100 year which is almost impossible for a technology business to last that long. IBM main products are hardware, software, business consulting and it services into business solutions to meet goals. IBM also has strong alliances with partners to deliver business solutions. One of the places that IBM holds their meeting for stockholder is Huntsville, Alabama because it's one of their bigger offices. Ginni Rometty is the CEO and Charmin of the board.
Part III: Corporate Strategies
Corporate strategies is the overall scope and direction of a corporation and the way in which its various business operations work together to achieve particular goals. One of IBM’s strategies is engaging employees at all careers stages. This included exploring how to attract and retain new generations of IBM users with different expectations, aspirations, and ways of working and leading. This is important because it help the company to keep up with the new technology and leading skills that would be able to help the business. The strategy affects will make the company more profitable because it will bring in new customer and younger ones which would help benefit the company (Berman and Korsten). The disadvantages would be because of the immediate changes to repository owners and the user population, the roll out will have a higher impact earlier and require greater cooperation. Business leaders understand that profit, success and continued growth are all achieved through an intelligent, articulate and well-crafted business strategy. Markets, competition, industry changes, adapting business models, and mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are just a few factors that your organization must not only keep pace with, but strive to master in order to drive ongoing business success (Berman and Korsten). Continuously innovate to transform your business model, including where and how you compete, in order to spur growth, provide differentiation and increase competitiveness. Clarify economic logic of sustainable actions, and set a strategy for sustainability (energy, carbon, water, and corporate social responsibility) within the context...

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