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The financial ratios used in this problem show that Bethesda Mining has some work ahead of them. There is substantial room for improvement for some of the ratios involved. A more thorough analysis would require ratio information from the mining industry as a whole but a small snapshot is provided below.The current ratio is low. Bethesda Mining's current ratios over the two years given indicate negative net working capital. Insufficient cash to cover daily expenses is not an attractive position in any industry. One factor in particular that is decreasing the current ratio is accounts payable. This item is rather high and is affecting the company's short-term liquidity. On a bright note, the current ratio improved 22.3% year-to-year so focus appears to be in the correct place.Removing inventory levels from the equation yields the quick ratio, which is significantly less than the current ratio for Bethesda Mining. This decrease indicates that part of the problem may be tied into excessive inventory levels. This, coupled with the high accounts payable values, is damaging the current ratio. The quick ratio draws attention to this as its value is less than half that of the current ratio.The cash ratio is a very straightforward calculation. In Bethesda Mining's case, it is clearly saying there is not enough cash relative to current liabilities. Taking the three ratios discussed so far into account, it could be theorized that Bethesda Mining is purchasing inventory at a higher level than sales are occurring. The accounts payable accounts (though decreasing in 2003) are still too high when compared to the available cash on hand.The debt-equity, equity multiplier, and total debt ratios all lead to similar conclusions. Bethesda Mining is utilizing a nearly 50/50 debt-equity approach to fund assets. 2003 figures show that the firm is moving more towards equity-based financing. Whether these ratios are in alignment or not depends on Bethesda Mining's capital...

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1405 words - 6 pages and markets products for hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and clinics. According to the company’s own website,, it has more than 250 Johnson and Johnson operating companies which employs approximately 120,500 men and women in 57 countries and sell products throughout the world. Johnson and Johnson was ranked 32nd on the 2006 Fortune 500. Below is an analysis of Johnson and Johnson’s financial ratio analysis:Long Term Debt ratio is a

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3173 words - 13 pages Company In a Different Industry12Changes in Assessment Method12Conclusion13References14Appendix A - Sample Company's Financial Statements from 1999 - 200115Appendix B - Financial Ratio Analysis of Sample Company19AbstractThis research paper will evaluate Sample Company using review standard financial ratio analysis techniques and assess its potential as a good investment. This is written in the form of a memo to the CEO of an Alabama-based firm

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1527 words - 6 pages CupHands PtyLtdRate of return on total asset 50.6 % 45.5 % 53.8 % 41.0 %Rate of return onShareholders' equity 49.1 % 42.6 % 47.7 % 39.0 %Profit margin 9.1 % 8.9 % 8.8 % 8.9 %Gross profit margin 33.3 % 61.5 % 31.7 % 61.5 %Earnings per share 1.06 C 0.74 C 1.21 C 0.75 CPrice-earnings ratio 94.1 % 136 % 82.5 % 133 %Earnings yield 106.3 % 73.8 % 121.3 % 75 %Profitability analysis consists of tests used to evaluate an entity's financial performance during

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677 words - 3 pages Companies strive from day to day to make their business publicly strong, financially strong, and appeasing and profitable for its shareholders. Shareholders as well as the company’s management use several tools to determine a company’s health and direction. These tools are better known as ratio analysis. Ratios are among the more widely used tools of financial analysis because they provide clues to and symptoms of underlying conditions.2 Ratios

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1965 words - 8 pages Ratio Analysis Ratios are a method of summarising and presenting financial information in an easily understandable form. They are used to assist us in assessing the performance of a business by identifying relationships between different figures that are considered to be significant. Ratios can be split into five groups, these five groups are: 1. Cash Flow – These ratios measure the businesses ability to meet financial

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2709 words - 11 pages . The financial ratio analysis comprises of four parts, which are as follows (Gowthrope, 2003): i. Performance Ratios · It is used to assess the relative success or failure of business performance.ii. Working Capital Efficiency Ratios · It is used to assess the extent to which asset and liability items are well utilised and well managed.iii. Investment Ratios · It is used to assess various items of particular interest to

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1236 words - 5 pages Statement Analysis: APractitioner's Guide. New York: John Wiley, 2002.2.Harrington, Diana R. Corporate Financial Analysis: Decisions in a Global Environment. 4th ed. Chicago: Richard D. Irwin, Inc., 1993.3. Helfert, Erich A. Techniques of Financial Analysis: A Modern Approach. 9th ed. Chicago: Richard D. Irwin, Inc., 1997.

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