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Financial Evaluation Of Microsoft Corporation And Exxon Mobil

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The Microsoft Corporation Cash Availability and Debts According to the Balance sheet as on 2002,the current assets of the company have increased from 39,210 to 48,576 (mil $) in year 2002 as compared to its current liabilities which amount to 12,744 (mil $). So, the company has more than four times of its current assets than current liabilities. Therefore company has adequate amount of cash to pay out its current liabilities on urgent basis. The Company’s Progress Income statement for 2002 reveals Net Income= 2000= 9,421 in 2001 were = 7346 and in 2002=7829(mil $). Although the revenue figure is raised each year but the costs of revenues have varied the incomes. Company’s cash flow statement 2002 reveals cash from operating activities in 2000 was=11426, 2001=13422, 2002=14509. (Mil $) Performance Rating To the President, Microsoft Corporation. Sir, Since your Company’s revenue growth rate was 16% in fiscal 2000, 10% in fiscal 2001, and 12% in fiscal 2002.It is continuously accelerating. After closely and objectively analyzing your company’s performance from its Current financial statements we have arrived on the conclusion to assign ‘A-Grade’ to you for your company’s solid performance and consistent productivity. The current assets of your company well surpass the current liabilities. Revenue and net income trend is continuously elevating as well as cash from operating activities. We are hopeful of its continuous progress and constructive development in years to come. The EXXON Mobil Company Cash Availability and Debts (in Mil $) According to the Balance sheet as on 2002, the current assets of the company’s current assets= 38,291 as compared to current liabilities which are 33,175 which means they have current assets exceeding the current liabilities and hence can pay off their debt and they are capable of paying out their current debts out of available current assets. The Company’s Progress (Mil $) Income statement for 2002 reveals Net Income= 2000= 17,720, in 2001 were =15,320 and in 2002= 11,460. This means that company graph is falling. Continuous fall in progress graph clearly shows dangerous signs for progression. Company’s cash flow statement 2002 reveals cash from operating activities in 2000 was=22,937, 2001=22,889, 2002=21,268. This is also pointing towards the same problem. Performance Rating To the...

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