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Financial Mangers With Ethical Stress And Competition In Increasingly Crowded Marketplace

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Article Critiques: Financial Managers with Ethical Stress and Competition in an Increasingly Crowded Marketplace
Financial Managers with Ethical Stress
Financial stress and pressure can be an ethical stressor, like the demand for special treatment; budget involvement and political pressure can all give into the idea that financial managers are under stress. “Financial managers do not work in an ethical vacuum; they respond to supervisors who encourage ethical action and to coworkers who demonstrate high standards of personal integrity” (Gerald, Samuel & Rabin, 2005). Whether good or bad they are put into a precarious situation by their peers because money is always a tempter. Also being in charge how money is handled gives pressure to the position financial managers are put in. Typically when money in involved there is a need for perfection and impartiality.
Unfortunately there is demand that special treatment is needed especially from people outside of their actual unit for special treatment within their own work unit. This comes from the idea that others can exploit their friendships or close working relationships. “Public managers engage in certain financial activities in work environments that produce ethically stressful situations caused by undue political pressure and demands for special treatment” (Gerald, 2005). While yes, relationships have to be cultivated, they also need to be self-serving specifically only to the company. Financial managers are constantly being pulled between making factual and impartial decisions and fostering relationships without opening up to be used.
Part of the pressure comes forth from the political influence that financial managers wield. “Their reliance on political actors for job-related information, through frequent interaction with political actors, through perceptions that political activity is important in successfully fulfilling their job requirements, and through supervisors' emphasis on politics in employee evaluations” (Gerald, 2005). There is a variety of ways that in that position they need to protect themselves and their work value. Coming from a position of only strict ethical bounds that require the decisions to be made from a set of very strict guidelines.
Lastly, financial managers are targets because they control where the money is going and how it is being spent. They are targets for those outside of their work centers who want they budget to roll into their directions for personal reasons. “Theoretically, those who can affect allocation decisions may be subject to external influence attempts resulting in external ethical pressure” (Gerald, 2005). Having something that others want always make financial managers targets for strictly this reason. Unfortunately outside forces should be aligned with the goals of the organizations instead of being focused on the individuals wants.
Competition in an Increasingly Crowded Marketplace
Financial managers have become more than...

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