Economic Relationship Between Canada And Spain

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Let's Make a Deal!What you should know before negotiating· Personal contacts are essential for business success in Spain. Select your Spanish representatives with tremendous care: once you've made your selections, it can be extremely difficult to switch to other people.· Bring business cards with one side printed in English and the other in Spanish. Present your card with the Spanish side facing the recipient.· You should be aware of the importance hierarchy and position play in Spanish business culture. For example, it would be frowned upon if you spent a great deal of time and attention on someone who is of lesser rank than you. It will be in your best interests to focus chiefly on those who would be considered your "equals."· Spanish business culture is extremely hierarchical, and only bosses, popularly known as "el jefe" or "el padron," have the authority to make decisions. Generally, subordinates are required to follow orders, obey authority, and solve any problems before they surface.· Be sure to take plenty of literature about your company to distribute. It will also be an asset to bring samples of your products and/or demonstrations of your service.· Most Spaniards will seek the support and approval of family, friends, and colleagues before acting on their own. There seems to be an underlying belief here that a person is not a part of society unless he or she is recognized as part of a group, neighbourhood, town or business organization. Consequently, there tends to be a resistance to the "outsider." Visitors to the country are expected to overcome their "outsider" status by ingratiating themselves into a group of some kind.· Rather than expecting Spaniards to conform to your way of doing things, you should make the effort to emulate their behaviour; this is one effective way of gaining the acceptance of your Spanish counterparts. When you make the effort to adapt to their ways, this demonstrates your respect for their culture, and also tells others that you are flexible.· Do not expect to discuss business at the start of any meeting.· During a first meeting, Spaniards will want to become acquainted with you before proceeding with business, so be accommodating and answer any questions about your background and family life.· Remain warm and personal during the negotiations, yet retain your dignity, courtesy, and diplomacy. The Spanish participants may initially seem restrained and indirect, but this is normal until your relationship has been established.· Although Spaniards are receptive to new information and ideas, you may find that they don't change their minds easily.· Feelings are generally the source of truth in Spanish business culture. Consequently, it's important that you work at developing an excellent rapport with your Spanish counterparts. If they have a favourable impression of you, and believe that you can be trusted, the likelihood of your...

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