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Financial Analysis Of Cyberguard Corporation

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CyberGuard Corporation

Standard industry classification code: 3571

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

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Section 1

CyberGuard Corp. is a software company that provides a broad range of computer security products for enterprises and government entities worldwide. The range of software that the company provides includes a spectrum of sophisticated security appliance solutions and related software that includes firewall, Virtual Private Networking, secure content management and security management technologies. These appliances are built upon secure operating system and proprietary software designed to identify network and application attacks and prevent them from impairing important resources.

CyberGuard Corp's mission is to be "a leading supplier, high performance security solutions by delivering the best performance security appliances in related software in the world." To carry out the mission statement the company follows several key strategies. The first one is to extend their application and deep content inspection security capabilities. The company is extremely dedicated to continued internal development and therefore it is their belief that very soon they will be able to introduce additional applications such as proxies for XML and SOAP applications.

One of the other main strategies is heightening of the brand awareness and the increased strength of the distribution channels of their products. CyberGuard makes it one of their top priorities to continue their expansion in both domestic and international markets. The company undertakes many activities such as education and orientation of their products to the customers emphasize key differences between theirs and their competitors' products etc. to heighten their brand awareness.

In CyberGuard's customer base the government sector agencies are one of the main customers and they have a strictest of security requirements for their networks.

The company maintains caution and diligence in following its expansion path by strategically acquiring few of the key companies. CyberGuard's most recent acquisition was SnapGear. The 10-K states, "The acquisition of SnapGear in November 2003 expanded our product portfolio to...

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