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PROJECT REPORTONHOW TO OPEN A LETTER OF CREDIT(From Importer & Exporter Perspective)Submitted By:Tanveer AhmadRoll No.1205161MCOM (Finance) 3rd SemesterSubmitted To:Prof: MumtazDate: 05/05/2013EXECTIVE SUMMARYI have an opportunity to make an assignment on letter of credit under the guide line of our teacher Sir Mumtaz.The objective and scope of the study was to gain exposure in the field of international business,to study verious methods of payments,to analyze the issues during documentary credit procedure and to come across how letter of credit is opened.For this i have personaly interviews with Sonari Bank main branch karachi Assistant Manager Salman Lalani of the Trade department.He has provide me all the necessary information but he have not provide me the docoments which i required.TABLE OF CONTEXTSLETTER OF CREDIT INTRODUCTION 04PARTIES INVOLVED IN LETTER OF CREDIT 05-06TYPES OF LETTER OF CREDIT 06-07STEPS BY STEPS PROCESS 07INFORMATION THAT AN L/C MUST HAVE 08CONFIRMATION OF L/C 08DOCUMENTS THAT MAY BE STIPULATED IN AN L/C 09COMMON DEFECTS IN DOCUMENTATION 10TIPS TO MINIMIZE RISKS 11SUMMARY 12Letter Of Credit (L/C)A letter of credit (L/C) is a bank's promise to pay the exporter all the agreed value of theconsignment on behalf of the foreign importer, provided that the exporter has compliedwith all the terms and conditions of the L/C.L/C is the most used payment term in International trading and equally a perfectprocedure to protect the interests of an exporter as well as importer. Using L/C as a termof payment, the risk of the parties comes almost to nothing and at the same time itensures the buyer that goods are shipped before the payment is actually made and theseller that the payment shall be made in time without any undue delay.PARTIES INVOLVED IN LETTER OF CREDITApplicant (Opener): Applicant which is also referred to as account party is normally a buyer or customer of the goods, who has to make payment to beneficiary. LC is initiated and issued at his request and on the basis of his instructions.Issuing Bank (Opening Bank) : The issuing bank is the one which create a letter of credit and takes the responsibility to make the payments on receipt of the documents from the beneficiary or through their banker. The payments has to be made to the beneficiary within seven working days from the date of receipt of documents at their end, provided the documents are in accordance with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit. If the documents are discrepant one, the rejection thereof to be communicated within seven working days from the date of of receipt of documents at their end.Beneficiary : Beneficiary is normally stands for a seller of the goods, who has to receive payment from the applicant. A credit is issued in his favour to enable him or his agent to obtain payment on surrender of stipulated document and comply with the term and conditions of the L/c. If L/c is a transferable one and he transfers the credit to another party,...

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5707 words - 23 pages satisfactory shareholders as well as creditors.Working CapitalWC =Current Assets - Current Liabilities2008------- 1386908396 -1055824886 = 3310835102009------- 1750363845 -1384082252 = 3362815932010------- 2263757417 -1924504789 = 3392526282011------- 2441209096 -1972157401 = 4690516862012------- 2672950020 -1955831122 = 717118898Comments:Working Capital is an important measure of any management; it helps to prepare changes in financial statement

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1465 words - 6 pages is 6, 65, 35,745 Crores. Literature review: Every organization to maintain the financial statements of an organization. Some researcher and registered institution conduct research or study on the analysis of the financial statement. Those documents taken as reference to conduct the study on the organization B. S Raman: As per the Companies Act, the final accounts of a company refer to only the profit and loss account and the balance sheet

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765 words - 3 pages products. Employees will use it to see if the companies will layoff or if they will receive raises or bonuses. Managers use it to see how they have managed their business for at least a year.ReferencesCharles J. Woelfel ( 2006) Financial Statement Analysis: The Investor's Self-study Guide to Interpreting and Analyzing Financial Statement.Retrieved on September, 15 2007 from

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1229 words - 5 pages Examining Financial Statements PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Examining Financial Statements PaperTeam C PaperVictoria MartinezTiwana NeelyKaren WilsonChuma LewisI. Annette JohnsonUniversity of PhoenixACC/300: Principles of AccountingWH07BMA10Gene A. CooperNovember 03, 2008Examining Financial Statements PaperLandry Restaurant's net income is $45,901. After reviewing the different statements we decided that the Cash Flow Statement sheet explained in

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872 words - 4 pages The purpose of the financial code of ethics is to encourage honest and ethical behavior and compliance with the law, mostly it is related to the maintenance of the firm's financial book and record also the preparation of its financial statement. The purpose of the code of ethic is to guide the firm in the right way, but not changing the business nature of conduct. As a finance professional of the firm, it must be promote and engage in ethical

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1255 words - 5 pages 2003 was at $45,901,054, net income for the year 2002 was $41,521,616 and for the year 2001 the net income was at $26,919,569.The information about the net income and the earnings per share were found on the Landry's Restaurants Consolidated Statement of Income. Earnings per-share increase is a positive sign for shareholders and investors. Some of the components that make up this financial statement are listed in the income statement. Basic

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576 words - 3 pages A discussion of the impact on the misstatement of the company's financial statement. What was the effect on the balance sheet, income statement, and company cash flow? How might this affected stakeholders. perception of the company? From 1996 to 2006, Tyco violated various federal securities laws by the means of using inopportune accounting methods that involved transactions that had no economic substance; therefore, the overstatement of

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