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Financial Terminology Paper

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Unit 2 Assignment
In the business organization there are many aspect that plays a role in the successful of the organization. There are things that you need to discussion and think about when going into a business. It takes someone who has a business mind set and the drive to get the business started because there’s a lot of thing that you need to know before going into the business. One thing you especially need to know is the financial side of the business. Have a least some experience in a business or have a business degree. Because you have to be able to keep record of your revues, expense and also paying the taxes on the organization. There’s question that needs to be answer do I want ...view middle of the document...

Because of the proposal executives and governing board will be thinking twice about the lease because of the balance sheet ratio, the potential operating lease tax shield will changes and transition method could require the extensive internal organization assessment of large, leased capital assets.
The article next is in titled “How might a reforming U.S. healthcare marketplace threaten balance sheets liquidity for community healthcare system”? By: Daniel K. Zismer.
In the article they are discussing how that the reform of the healthcare can change the balance sheets. They are also discussing how they evaluating the balance sheet liquidity for the U.S health systems it shows that the large systems are measuring their assets base and operating revenues performance are getting stronger. They suggest that in the future of the strategic investment plans that leader should think about reconsidering perspectives and conventions. (Jay Sterns director at Barclays Capital). The article also discuss how that moving into a market that is unstable can cause a swift downfall and negative effects. The article also talk about how some...

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