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Find An Explanation To How Cancer Started. I Took The Proof That Exists Today Of How Cancer May Have Started And Explained How Joseph, Son Of Jacob, Could Be Responsible For It.

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Joseph, Son of Jacob and Father of DeathWhat causes cancer? This is a very difficult question to answer. During the past centuries, billion of dollars have been spent trying to answer this question. Even after all the time and money spent, no definite answer exists. There is, however, a clear understanding of what cancer is and its history. With today's clear understanding of cancer and its history, Joseph, son of Jacob, can be linked to the creation of this life taking disease.Cells in our body are constantly growing, dividing, and dying. This cell growth is more rapid during the early years of the body and tends to slow down as the body ages ("History"). When cancer lives in any of these cells, uncontrollable cell growth occurs ("Causes"). For some reason, these cancer cells out live normal cells and continue to form other cancer cells. This constant growth allows for the disease to spread to other organs. Sometimes the cancer gets to the blood stream and damages a person's DNA ("History"). When this occurs, the disease can then be spread by reproduction. The result, when cancer cells take over organs, naturally, is death.As the second leading cause of death in the United States, cancer is a tragic disease. It is said that half of all men and one third of all women in the United States will develop cancer in their lifetime. Today, millions of people are living with or have recovered from cancer ("History"). With such high statistics, the search for causes is funded and researched to great extents. There are many different beliefs of the causes of cancer. The popular beliefs of causes are such as chemicals, tobacco, viruses, and radiation. One of the common chemicals is dust, which can be found in most manufacturing workplaces (Ward). Viruses, such as hepatitis B, are also linked to cancer ("Causes"). The radiation involved with x-rays is also believed to be a cause of cancer (Ward). There are numerous different beliefs of the causes of cancer, but one tends to stand out above the rest. Half of all cancers are believed to be the effect of certain substances in the diet. These substances include those such as hydrocarbons in meat and aflatoxin found in perishable foods. Certain foods also contain chemicals that damage cells during digestion that lead to cancer. High fat and lower fiber diets are also associated with cancer (Ward).Why are certain foods possible causes of cancer? Or how did these certain foods become cancerous? These questions bring up the question of cancer's history. The oldest occurrence of cancer is traced back to Egypt and dates back to approximately 1600 B.C. ("History"). This time period goes all the way back to the time of Jacob and his twelve sons.The story of Joseph, one of Jacob's sons, is a popular bible story. Joseph was his favorite son and this created jealousy amongst his eleven brothers ("Story"). Joseph always talked about dreams he had that made him sound worthy of praise. One dream was that Joseph and his...

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