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Find The Needle In A Haystack

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New Business Rainmaker and Jedi Delivers Success by Design!

TARGET: Replicate my proven success and model in rapid acquisition of Enterprise Clients via POCs and paid

Pilots for a SaaS/ROI based platform for 1-Page. While maintaining overall pipeline of 3x+ the total number of

qualified opportunities needed to achieve the revenue objectives, rapidly sign up 45 POCs to ultimately net 15

successful pilots and meet/exceed the revenue targets.

Support marketing and development with market feedback.

Evangelize 1-Page as the leader in external Talent Acquisition and Internal Talent Assessment.

Create leveraged consulting services revenue stream.

Support BD for inorganic growth via partner/channel contact and network.

Positioning and messaging will be the key with Talent Acquisition Solutions (TAS) market flooded with 400+

providers and growing. Challenges include: - Collaboration with leading TAS ...view middle of the document...

As the VP, Sales, I will: - Roll up my sleeves and lead by example. - Aggressively pursue a not-in-play sales rep

with enterprise and/or talent acquisition solution sales background. - Contact clients for face to face and

interaction and take an advisory/consultative position. - Maintain an overall pipeline of 3x+ the total number of

qualified opportunities needed to achieve the period’s revenue objectives. - Gauge the pipeline, opportunities

and pilots for accurate revenue estimation. - Help maintain cross functional collaboration for customer success

and beyond. - Propose key channel/technology partners and help create a Reseller Network. This was key

success factor at Acteva, where partnerships with Salesforce, ReadyTalk and TechSoup Global reduced account

acquisition cost and led to increase in net new sales. - Emulate success at Acteva with the winning formula to

sign up medium cycle mid-market licensing deals (535 accounts over 2 years) and then upsell to carve out

longer sales cycle - 127 Enterprise deals.

- Proven and documented record of taking 3 startups from zero revenues, with no product and no installed base

to beyond $20+M within 3 years. Each venture addressed a different need and buyer constituent for the

enterprise. - Adept at missionary sales, team building, coaching and delivering successful sales teams to sustain

growth. - Ventures transcends diverse technology, application and platforms. - Extensive network of C & V level

contacts at Fortune 1000 organizations and technology leaders.

FINANCIAL: Substantial savings in sales and marketing dollars with: - My network of senior enterprise

executives and partner network including the users of Acteva’s SaaS based Training Management solution within

the HR and Training divisions. - Transplant my sales experience and proven best practices. - My new business

Rainmaker record.

CHOICE: Key driver is the 1-Page leadership team and the institutional nature of the venture. I want to be part

of an organization that can manage and sustain the revenue growth that I can definitely achieve. I have the

entrepreneurial drive and I am driven to succeed in a challenging environment.


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