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Finding A Balance Between Reality And Myth

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Two realms are actively experienced throughout a person’s lifetime: the realm of reality, and the mythical realm. Not everyone’s realms are the same; one person’s mythical world could be another person’s real world. People often seek to find a mythical realm, a mythical life, in order to escape from their everyday reality. Sometimes this alters one’s version of reality in the process. One world cannot exist without the other; therefore, in order to cross over, a person has to leave certain aspects of one world behind to take pieces from the other.
Humans have been creating myths ever since the time of simple spoken language. At first, the only way to spread these myths was by word of mouth – that is until written language was established. Even then, it took a while for people to be able to afford books, let alone become literate, so these myths also have many variations according to the storyteller’s likings. The first examples of real written writing were that of spiritual nature, religious writings that started out as spoken stories told by traveling storytellers.
Even as early as the Greek idolism of Dionysus, the Egyptians’ Isis and Horus, the Buddhists’ Buddha, and Christians’ Jesus Christ, myths have been popular folklore that have inhabited their everyday lives. All of these idols are superhuman in nature; they can do extraordinary things that no other human can do. For instance, Dionysus is known for turning into a lion and killing the men who tried to kidnap him on a boat, and turning the men who jumped off the boat into dolphins (Wrath n.p.) Isis and Horus are known for a rather humorous myth in which Horus was almost sexually assaulted by his rival, Set. Once Horus awoke and realized what was about to happen, he caught Set’s semen in his hand and proceeded to run home and tell his mother, Isis what had happened. Disgusted, Isis chopped off Horus’s hand, threw it into the Nile, and then made him a new hand (Min n.p.) Buddha is known for taming a mad elephant that was raging towards him and had already killed another man by gracing the elephant’s forehead with his hand. The elephant instantly relaxed and bowed down to Buddha (Gethin n.p.) Jesus Christ is known for walking on water, turning water into wine, and feeding thousands of men with a couple loaves of bread and some fish (Miracles n.p.) In reality, these are just myths created to teach a lesson, to set a foundation of morals for people to live by – not meant to be taken literally. Yet at the same time, all of these stories, all of these myths, are made up for a reason, as well as all the realizations that come from reading and hearing them. It’s like an onion, once you peel off each...

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