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Finding A Correlation Between Social Media Use And School Grades

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Momolu Hodge-312W Assignment 3C-Spring 2014
Technology, and “Social Networking” are a big thing in today‘s world, and also prevalent in the lives of college students. A good percentage of college students frequently browse sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and at this point, social media has an effect on both in school and out of school activities. Social Media can have a detrimental effect on grades, engagement and even on activities out of school, if used in a wrong way. At the same time, social media can be used to also enhance the learning and engagement experience, if used right.
Integrative Review: There is much relevant research regarding social media and its influence on academic achievement benchmarks and activities, such as grade point average, and time spent on studying for classes. Some studies show that student engagement can be impacted by social media, while other studies talk about the usage of Facebook and Twitter and its ability to raise engagement or lower it. The influence of devices and social media on the out of school curriculum was also a concern within one of the studies.
Within two of the research articles, there were similar sources and methods used in order to start the research. In the Junco articles on Facebook and Twitter, both used the NSSE as their measuring tool for engagement in their study and both Junco studies referenced each other in their work. The Junco Twitter article and Jacobson’s Wired Generation research both used similar methods of recruiting their population sample, by using some form of monetary incentive to gather their population and reaching out to students using e-mails and flyers. Junco used similar references in his Twitter and Facebook studies, such as Astin (1984) and Kuh (2009), which was used to define the construct of engagement. The two Junco studies had a similar Cronbach’s alpha score, with the Facebook study having a score of .80 while the Twitter article had a score of was 0.75 and 0.81 for the pre and post tests, respectively.
There was a lot to taken from the main findings of the research articles. In the first Junco Article used for Assignment 3A, the research came to the conclusion that Twitter can be used to raise grades and increase levels of engagement within school. The study also made a point to acknowledge that there might a third variable involved in the study that may have played a factor in the results: The increased involvement that the teachers had with their students when they were doing the study (Junco 2011, p. 12). The lesson taken from Junco’s Facebook research came to be that depending on the use, Facebook can have a myriad of effects on engagement from being engaged out of school and potentially helping with retention rates to being detrimental due to games played and time spent checking on it instead of studying. Jacobsen’s research comes to the conclusion that electronic usage, such as using phones for social networking, lowers the...

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