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Finding A Cure Essay

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Almost “forty thousand women were expected to die in the U.S. in 2013” (Komen) as a result of breast cancer. This is the leading terminating cancer for women in the United States. This very tragic truth is worth knowing about. It is a very serious and for some very personal topic to discuss, but the knowledge of the cancer may help protect so many victims from being infected. There are organizations being formed across the country to provide the facts and raise awareness on the subject. Support systems are also available nation wide to help those already have been diagnosed. These programs provide hope and encouragement when these women need it most. As said in Ethics for a New Millennium ...view middle of the document...

“Ductal carcinoma in situ is also known as non invasive or pre invasive cancer” (American Cancer Society) that if left untreated can become invasive and spread through other organs. Carcinoma in situ is when the cancer is “contained to a small group of outer cells and has not yet reached the inner tissue” (American Cancer Society) or started to spread. Invasive cancer is known as invasive carcinoma. Sarcoma is a very rare type of breast cancer that starts in connective tissues.
If breast cancer is not detected there are multiple options to pursue treatment based on what stage the cancer is in, one option is chemotherapy. Chemo is a “cancer killing drug that is given in cycles to treat cancer at different stages.” (NBCF) It can be very effective in some cases, although, the side effects may vary. The side effects include “hair loss, appetite changes, mouth sores, nausea or vomiting and possible low blood cell counts.” (NBCF) Chemo can also cause sensitivity to bruising, chance of infection and fatigue from low blood forming cells. This treatment usually lasts for months at a time. Because of the possible side effects, certain precautions are taken. Multivitamins and immune system builders are often taken by the patients. There are also multiple pills to try to subside the side effects that are proven helpful.
Radiation therapy is different from Chemo. Radiation uses rays that destroy the cancer cells. There are two different types of radiation therapy, “internal brachytherapy and external beam radiation.” (NBCF) External radiation is administered by a machine; it focuses on the infected area with radiation beams. This is the most common form of radiation therapy women choose. There are a few different ways to do internal radiation depending on what stage the cancer is in. The most common type involves a small tube that is inserted into the breast until the end of treatment; this radiation drug is inserted into the tube and into the infected area. External radiation may cause redness in the skin such as sunburn that can last indefinitely. The internal radiation may cause nausea or dizziness that may last until the treatment if over.
Hormone therapy and targeted therapy are also options to treat breast cancer. Hormone therapy is usually used after a healing treatment as a type of systemic therapy. It prevents the chance of the cancer coming back. Most types of hormone therapy can stop estrogen from getting to the cancer cells or lower the estrogen levels to prevent the cancer. The reason for this is because “estrogen causes the cancer cells to grow.” (NBCF) Women are more prone to breast cancer because of their high estrogen levels. If found early certain medications can be taken to lower estrogen levels to reduce the risk of cancer. Targeted therapy is a target on gene change since breast cancer maybe hereditary. It is very common to see a family history of breast cancer or have a family member have a history if you are diagnosed. This form...

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