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Finding A Way Into A New World

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Many parts of the book, Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya, deal with initiation into an adult world and mental growth. Growing mentally may not be pleasant, because of some of the events that cause people to grow a little more, mentally, can be deaths or other painful events. As Antonio Maréz, the main character, enters the adult world, his soul is growing in leaps, lulls and bounds, encouraged and pained by things he sees and hears.In Antonio's life, some initiations and mental growth is obvious and on purpose. "My heart sank..." (7). Antonio is facing his first day of school, and growing mentally by a new experience. Antonio is understandably scared of his first day of school, nearly every kid on earth is afraid to go to school for the first time. "Sometimes, after school..." (187). Antonio tries to prematurely shove his way into an adult world. Antonio has an understandable want of knowledge. To be in the dark about life can be scary. "I made the..." (216). Antonio, by way of the Catholic church, has entered the adult world a little more. Antonio hopes that his first communion will give him the understanding he craves. Mental growth can obviously be on purpose, but what most people do not realize is that it can be accidental, too.By witnessing deaths, Antonio is unconsciously growing mentally. "Many shots found..." (22). One cannot witness a killing of a man or dying of a friend and fully remain a child in mind and spirit. It is kind of surprising that Antonio followed the men when he knew they were planning to kill Lupito, and then was horrified that the men were able to kill Lupito. "Then a moan from..." (169). Tenario shoots Narcisso and Antonio watches Narcisso die as he prays an Act of Contrition to save Narcisso's soul from forever wandering the earth or burning in hell. Antonio...

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