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Who hasn’t heard of the creature known as Bigfoot? I know that most people around the world have heard of Bigfoot and the many variations of his name. He is known as Sasquatch, the Hairy Man, Bigfoot, Yeti, and even as the Yowie. What really is Bigfoot though? Is he some crazy science experiment gone right or wrong? Is he some creature created by the processes of evolution? What is Bigfoot? I have watched movies and shows about Bigfoot. Most of them made fun of the creature by either running it over with their car, or capturing it. Some shows take this Bigfoot hunting seriously, such as Finding Bigfoot and the Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. Shows like these search for real, hard evidence ...view middle of the document...

What evidence have people found so compelling that they would believe in Bigfoot so much more than other creatures like it? What are the characteristics of this creature that are so life-like that it is commonly known by most people? How did stories of this creature begin? If someone were to go up to someone, ranging from ages ten to eighty, and ask what Bigfoot is, I am sure that each person would just about describe the same being. Why is this though? If Bigfoot is real, I would like to know more about it. What does it eat and drink? Where do they live? How do they remain so elusive even to this day? People know about Bigfoot, many choose not to believe in him, while others think that he is real. Why is the idea of a proportionally large, hairy man such a realistic creature to believe in?
What I Found Out
I learned that Bigfoot has been around for thousands of years. Myra Shackley, former Professor of Culture Resource Management at Nottingham Business School, explains that, “The earliest Wildman to appear in literature can be found in the Epic of Gilgamesh; the stories are about 4000 years old” ( Wildman just being another name for Bigfoot. Gilgamesh was one of the greatest ancient Babylonian kings. According to that ancient Babylonian tablet which held this story, “Arura the Potter created the Wildman Enkudu from clay” ( The creation story of the first Bigfoot is very unbelievable, but this creature appears in many other stories with the Babylonian king. Stories about the Wildman in North America first started when the Viking Leif Erikson and his crew landed in the North American area. Erikson mentioned in his journal that he saw, “Creatures which were horribly ugly, hairy, swarthy, and with big black eyes” ( This is evidence that Bigfoot has been around for a very long period of time. People have saw Bigfoot in every continent except for Antarctica. In the United States, Bigfoot had not been widely heard about until the year 1958. Emily Upton states in her article The Origin of the Bigfoot Legend, “In 1958, a man named Gerald Crew found a set of large footprints at a construction site where he worked in California. He had his friend make plaster casts of the prints. The story gained a lot of attention after being published in the Humboldt Times” ( This incident sparked a question all across the United States. A question stating, is this creature real and if so, where is it now? Since that time, stories have only evolved and there are a steady flow of Bigfoot sighting yearly.
One question I really had was why would someone believe in this creature? After looking at many pages of information, I can conclude that people believe in Bigfoot because of the theory of the unknown. Some people have ‘proof’ such as pictures and molds of Bigfoot’s feet, and many other people have gone out in pursuit of this creature. The theory of the unknown is one that is the same for many...

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