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For my video paper I chose to do a Pixar movie called Finding Nemo. Although Pixar movies are more aimed for the younger generations, it is becoming more popular for these movies to be introduced in the classrooms. In our DeVito text it shows and explains all the different forms of communication that can be related back to Finding Nemo. Along with other Pixar movies, they all portray many different aspects of communication. Nonverbal communication is presented in the movie by using gestures/movement. Although cartoon characters are not actually real people in the movie, they are created by real people who have experienced nonverbal communication in their lives.
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Someone’s ability to use nonverbal communication effectively can have major benefits. In this case, Dory is a very energetic and bubbly fish, which works in her favor because she can talk to anyone. An important note is whomever she does talk to she makes sure she has “eye contact” (DeVito 141) with them right away. This gives the other person a sense that they are being listened to and this nonverbal message can help form relationships with someone who once was a stranger. “Much of your relationships life is lived nonverbally.” (DeVito 141) Nonverbal messages really can cue the other person on how they should act around your personal space or around you in general. These things matter because most people will pick up on this and act or react from what the other messages are from the other person. When Dory and Marlin first met, eye contact was very effective because Marlin needed directions and Dory listened due to the fact that eye contact was present. Keeping eye contact showed that they had the feeling they were being listened too, which in the end can disclose more information about a person. Although in the beginning Marlin wanted nothing to do with Dory it is interesting to see the two different forms of nonverbal...

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