Finding Nemo, Dory, And Myself Essay

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I like sea turtles, I really do, and they are on my top three of favorite animals. From what I read, in No Impact Man, on how bad ocean pollution is I was bit startled on how bad ocean pollution is. My favorite scaly friends from the deep may be completely terminated, poor Dory. How can I go on living knowing that I'm killing Disney movie characters? Okay, I can still go on to live. Excuse me for my bluntness, but priorities go first. Also, do I actually want to go door to door handing out pamphlets that would eventually be thrown away my neighbors? Would I not be further damaging the ocean then? Furthermore, would I want to associate with the Colin Beavan rout by living off cloths and using no disposable products, which is everything! And although it may seem like I don't want to help the ocean in anyway, I actually do. But in my case, and many other people’s cases I am sure, there is so much to do in life then just worry about another balloon over my head. Yes, I want to have control over myself to start using fewer products that add to ocean pollution. And hopefully, in my efforts to do so, I would be able to impact someone’s life from my eventual eco-conscious efforts to save the ocean. For the time being, though, I have to take care of my business first this includes school, work, and keeping my sanity.
My family had never been environmentally friendly and to be quite frank I don't blame them. My mom and dad were ones to give us the best that life had to offer. My father’s life in Mexico was partly to blame because he had to live in a house with one room, more like a concrete box or jail cell, and 7 people living inside it. No sink, no father, no nothing, just working to get a flight to America and leave that place. So when we would get bottled water, too many toys, and a bunch of other things that would be used once and thrown away it never occurred to him or even the rest of the family where our trash would eventually go to. I never got to live that life of living conservatively because to my dad it wouldn't be an issue. Throwing away things with no thought to where my trash went to just came naturally. “Throw away your crap Anthony!" My mom would scream to me whenever I left any trash anywhere or "Here's a garbage bag throw all the things you don't use in here so you can throw it away." Talk about destroying the ocean right? The way I lived back then was what impacted my way of living in the future, no regard to the kind of impact I would be making to those sea animals.
As of right now, in my present state of being, I have made no positive impact in the environment. To be honest I was not even remotely aware of how bad the murky waters of the ocean are. It was until Colin Beaver made me aware of how bad the epidemic in creating trash was in this exert Colin said, “A sailboat ride west from Hawaii would soon have you crashing (in garbage) . . . twice the size of the continental United States, that swirls around itself in...

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