"Finding Nemo" Movie Review

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"Wow, wow wow," said Marlin the happy and proud clown fish, as he looked upon a large pink reef which he had picked out for his new family. "We'll name one of them Nemo," boosted Marlin of his new children. Bang, everything goes black for Marlin and when he awakes his wife is gone and only one child is left, Nemo.The movie "Finding Nemo" is about a clown fish named Nemo who learns that growing up and gaining independence doesn't mean your parents don't know what is good for you. The movie starts off with how Nemo was born with a tiny fin and with only a father to raise him. Nemo then gets lost and taken out of the ocean to be made into a pet fish. In his journey Nemo learns not to lack self confidence because he has a disability swimming with a tiny fin, and how much his father's advice and protection really is a value to his life. Even with the deep message the movie was very funny and entertaining.The movie takes place in the ocean near Australia. The graphic in this movie really makes the screen look like a fish tank. Marlin, Nemo's father, is over protective of his son because his wife and all of Nemo's siblings where killed by a shark when Nemo was just an egg. On Nemo's first day of school he is anxious to get out and explore the ocean and have some independence from his overprotective father. In his attempt to prove to his father he can go out in the ocean alone and to prove to his classmates that he is just as good a swimmer as they are despite is one tiny fin he swims out to a boat. His father yells for him to come back but Nemo gets fished out of the water by the people on the boat. In Marlin's quest to find his son he meets Dory, a fish with short term memory. She explained herself by saying, "I suffer from short term memory loss. It runs in my family... At least I think it does... Where are they?"They run into sharks and many obstacles in a long trip to Sydney. The movie made Marlin get over his fear of sharks in a comical way, by having Marlin and Dory chased down by a shark and brought to a support group for sharks. Marlin and Dory were so busy only knowing that sharks eat fish they didn't notice that all these sharks wanted were to be rehabilitated. Ironically, as they shook there deathly afraid they were shock to hear all the sharks recite in unison "am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food" as part of there weekly meeting.Nemo, meanwhile, is put in a fish tank of a dentist is Sidney. He meets the world of pet fish, and realizes he...

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942 words - 4 pages “Finding Nemo,” an over protective father shelters his child, Nemo, due to a traumatizing experience he encountered when Nemo was just a baby. Being so over protective makes Nemo retaliate against his father. “Nemo you’re going to get stuck out there and I am going to have to go rescue you, you can’t swim well, now get back here this instant!” (Finding Nemo, 2003). By going against hit father’s word, Nemo is then captured by a fisherman who

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782 words - 4 pages For my video paper I chose to do a Pixar movie called Finding Nemo. Although Pixar movies are more aimed for the younger generations, it is becoming more popular for these movies to be introduced in the classrooms. In our DeVito text it shows and explains all the different forms of communication that can be related back to Finding Nemo. Along with other Pixar movies, they all portray many different aspects of communication. Nonverbal

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2155 words - 9 pages We all know the popular family movie “Finding Nemo” a kid’s movie that tells a journey of Marlin, a father clown fish, who crosses the vast ocean to find his son Nemo. During Marlin’s journey he comes across many new and scary things, but like any good children’s movie Marlin does eventually find his son Nemo and they go back home and live happily ever after. This all sounds good right? Wrong! Looking at this movie from a psychologist point of

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809 words - 4 pages The beloved Disney movie Finding Nemo features both a colorful underwater landscape and a psychologically diverse cast of characters. From the obsessive Bubbles (a fish obsessed with bubbles) and Gurgle (the germophobic fish at the dentists office), to the shark trio that refuses to eat fish, and the confused Deb, who thinks her reflection is actually her twin sister, Flo, most of the characters in the movie seem to exhibit some sort of

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686 words - 3 pages unsurprisingly doesn?t. ?Finding Nemo? cost about US$100 million to make, and admitting it?s going to scare the hell out of little children really complicates the business of making that money back. A simple policy change could address the issue. Distributors could be made to qualify movie ratings in the same way that television stations have to explain that some shows or movies have violence, adult themes, drug use, coarse language and many other

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781 words - 3 pages with “non-traditional” families. Missing parents and lost children stories make up more than half of Disney’s treasured classic movie collection. Single parents are an undoubtedly common factor throughout Disney’s movie history. Finding Nemo and Toy Story, both created by Disney and Pixar, contain single parent families. In Toy Story, Andy only has a mother leaving his father’s absence unexplained. Though in Finding Nemo, Nemo’s mother is killed

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