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Finding Peace Of Mind Essay

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When life’s struggles come knocking, when it seems like burdens in of this life become too heavy, my mind is filled with nothing but problems of home, school and the problems of my friends and family. Without hesitation I throw a gun strap on my back, and go to the shed to get out my four-wheeler. I cross the abundant traffic on 17, jump the railroad tracks and then I see it, the gate that enters instantly into the state of being relaxed, it’s the gate to my hunting club. As I pull the four-wheeler into the gate the trees seem to engulf me, I see the small dirt path before me and it instantly puts my mind at easy. I drive down the path until it seems to disappear and the trees and bushes make the path too small for the four- wheeler to go any further. I walk down the little path; till I reach my stand I climb the awkwardly placed latter about 25 feet above the ground, and sit down in my comfy little stand.
The first thing I notice is the cool, damp air that surrounds me. I sit back in my stand and hang my gun on a sturdy limb, with no intentions of hunting; the gun was my way of getting out of the house without having to meet the drill sergeant at the door, talking about my over protective mother. Who hollers to be home at a decent time, and to keep in touch, which we both know won’t happen. One of the best things about the woods is everyone who is anyone, knows my phone is off. No people to distract me or to nag me, to provoke me. Most importantly, no one to come and find me, considering only my hunting partner knows where my stand is at, and he won’t dare come find me in fear of me losing any “ game” on my “ hunt” . No cell phone, no computer, no people, no problem is my motto when life becomes too much and the woods start calling.
As I close my eyes and start to relax, I hear the birds singing their children to sleep; I hear the squirrels wrestling in...

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